Best of Brandi – REALSPANKING

30 Mar

F/f; time: 60 minutes
Eight segments, some as long as 15 minutes. ‘Brandi’ is of course one of the early and popular REALSPANKING models. She is a normal looking, young and thin brunette, not a pneumatically packed Vegas dancer, all the better to receive realistic spankings.

1. Brandi sits stark naked, straight hair and glasses, knees together, on a Queen Anne chair in Masterson’s sitting room in front of the oft-filmed fireplace. Mistress Dee discusses how her spanking films are improving–she cries less and can take more. What does she like or not like? She doesn’t like the cane or thick paddles, she doesn’t like the lunge-forward or diaper positions. Makes the bottom too firm. She would prefer the RSN floppy wide strap or the ‘tear drop’ paddle. It is a long interview and she sits bare naked.

Dee takes her OTK at the fireplace, then more spanking standing, hands-on-chair. Bend over a chair, leather strap with holes, a little paddle, and a fraternity paddle. She shouldn’t have told Dee what she doesn’t like.

2. Shot from overhead, Brandi lies on a bed and is pulled into the diaper position. Full puss. Dee does the spanking.

3. Blond ‘Caroline’ and Brandi in Masterson’s office. Both girls in school uniforms. Dee arrives; both girls have brought punishment slips from classes. Both girls get the strap over the desk.

4. Brandi waits apprehensively on her bed in the RSN garret bedroom. Dee arrives and has a little chat. Brandi has been caught with a DIU offense. Dee gets a cane but will start the warmup with a strap. Dee straps her on jeans bent over the bed, then jeans down for the cane. There is a camera on the floor on the far side of the bed to catch facial views.

5. Masterson marches Brandi to the fireplace. He uses a big wood paddle, all on her jeans in this segment.

6. Brandi and another girl will be spanked by two different disciplinarians. They strip naked and are spanked OTK simultaneously, then they switch laps.

7. Masterson drags Brandi OTK at the fireplace, wrestling her jeans down. A little resistance goes a long way. Panties down, he has to hold Brandi’s wrists. Bottom on display at the mantel.

8. Brandi brings a punishment slip to Masterson. She wears a white blouse and kilt. Bend over the desk, skirt up, white panties. Floppy strap. To the corner, Brandi twitches her buttocks muscles. She rubs; back over the desk, panties down now. She is caned; excellent facials. Pose at the mantel–she must hold two canes with out-stretched arms. A lot easier than holding Russian novels, for example.

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