In The Name of Love – MOOD

30 Mar

F/f; time: 55 minutes
‘Sandra,’ an investigative reporter, arranges to have herself embedded in a women’s colony, to expose suspected practices. She has called ahead and knocks on a mansion door. A topless girl greets her.

Sandra is interviewed by four topless girls. She is asked to strip naked–her clothes will be burned. Her ‘initiation’ will be tomorrow at midnight.

FADE to the initiation ceremony. There is a table-like platform with an ‘H’ frame constructed of 2×4’s. About 15 topless girls sit on their haunches as spectators, a large cast, even for MOOD. Sandra is tied to the table on her back, knees spread and ankles tied. Arms spread. A matron flogs her pussy, 50 strokes, to “purify” her. Then an electric wand on her pussy. A bizarre ritual.

One of the female spectators is singled out; she has been having “doubts”; these initiation ceremonies double as punishments for daily offenses. The girl, wearing just a burlap sarong, is tied to another frame and given 50 mild strokes of a whip,

FADE. The girls are being treated with salve in the dorm. Sandra is now looking for an opportunity to escape, but her identity has been discovered. She is taken to the platform again and strung up in the diaper position. She is hoisted so that her bottom is off the table, which exposes more cheek and expands the normally restricted striking area the diaper pose offers. 50 with a cane, and nasty.

Two more girls are caned, ‘Dionne’ and ‘Ariel,’ and even more wicked.

FADE. Sandra is out; her editor calls her and wants her to check this place called “MOOD.” Sandra smiles because she likes what is going to happen.

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