Resolved by Corporal Punishment #13 RAVENHILL

30 Mar

M/f; time: 53 minutes
More fun from the RAVENHILL boys, the inveterate spankers, who constantly communicate their joy at being able to access female bottoms, and seem continually amazed that they can pull it off. Graphics have improved as we reach volume #13,

‘Yvonne’ has agreed to avoid a lawsuit for party damages to her rental apartment by accepting the spanking process at RAVENHILL INSTITUTE. Webmaster ‘Tierre Ainese’ greets her, here in jacket and tie, hair slicked down, not the beach bum we see in ‘Spanking Dwon the Highway’ or ‘Beach Girls.’ Did he rent those clothes?

Yvonne is turned over to Richard Lewis, certainly one of the lowest-key but relentless lechers in the CP film trade. He is doing our work. He explains the three-part spanking regimen which comes with her acquiescence–a handspanking, a leather strap, and a “pear tree switch…all on your bare bottom.” Words Lewis loves to say.

In Lewis’ office they arrange the furniture and set up for part 1. “Remove your slacks and take your panties down.” The 5-minute timer appears on the video screen here, no longer a sand hour-glass or a goofy tick-tock hand. Can a girl trust these guys? Lewis spanks for 5 minutes, and Yvonne is surprised and feeling it after 10 seconds.

Part 2 will be a BIG leather strap, 5 minutes lying flat on a bench, buttocks raised by pillows. And Yvonne has got a bottom which does not require elevation.

Part 3, a little switch. Must be something special about a pear tree, 25 strokes. Lewis is very particular and skillful about humiliating Yvonne into saying, precisely, “I’m ready for my next stroke.” The girl is pretty good about the whole thing–she kicks and gasps, but completes the task.

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