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Detention Room Spankings – RAVENHILL

23 Mar

Time: 38 minutes

Marginally terrible acting, but we always love RAVENHILL’s goofy ideas, and almost guaranteed unscripted surprises. School setting, schoolgirls, classrooms, lockers, etc.

A new girl ‘Heather’ arrives at the school; ‘Mrs. Jenkins,’ a buzz-cut butch actress found in other RH films plays the Principal. “Corporal punishment” is automatic for late homework.

Quickly, two smarmy blond students sabotage Heather’s work. Co-webmaster ‘Richard Lewis’ plays ‘Mr. Jenkins,’ and he is at his corniest here, a tall order indeed. Her homework disappeared, so it is paddle time. “You’ve earned 20 strokes of my paddle…get up here….stand right there…bend over, drop your panties.” She is paddled under the watchful eyes of the portrait of George Washington, the Gilbert Stuart version. If the walls could talk.

It is a large and thin Spencer paddle, and it buckles on the first stroke. He is shocked, there is some muffled laughter, but they keep going with half the striking surface. She gets 20, counting out the last 7, and is given the broken paddle as a souvenir. This is a school, and there must be a woodworking shop.

The goofy blondes, ‘Casey’ and ‘Lacey.’ who look like twins or sisters, enjoy Heather’s misery.

Back in the classroom, Jenkins is spanking the blondes, we didn’t hear why, and we’re not going back to discover the reason. He uses a ruler, quite hard, good angles, bucking bottoms OTK, plenty of puss. Jenkins has figured out the game with Heather, and a blonde is brought in, all the girls will spank her–and the woodworking class has delivered another Spencer paddle.

Stand Corrected – SHADOWLANE

23 Mar

M/f; year: 2005; time: 50 minutes
Clunky stuff again from this producer, featuring CP warrior ‘Erica Scott’ and ‘Devlin O’Neill.’ Devlin has written some sort of student handbook which is more of a manual of erotica than anything else. Erica has edited his manuscript and he doesn’t like what she has done. Plot-wise, we’re put in mind of STRICTLYENGLISH’s ‘Paperback Writer,’ where an over-zealous assistant gets her bottom whaled and used as a practice idea by an author of erotica.

Devlin is mad. “I’m going to enjoy going postal on your butt.” Ms. Scott, a mature actress by CP film standards, goes OTK. Skirt up, black panties, stockings, and garter belt. Pants down, a lot of dialogue as the spanking progresses. It is rare that anyone’s breath is taken away at SHADOWLANE. Handspanking and strapping.

FADE. Erica has been called to O’Neill’s house–she made some last minute edits before the handbook was published. She is threatened: “A sore bottom or a lawsuit.” “Taker off your dress.” “Are you happy, pervert professor?” OTK again, bra and panties only, then satin beige panties down. Handspanking and hair brush. Erica kneels on the couch for straps and a paddle.

O’Neill wants her to admit she is enjoying this. When he removes his belt, he wants her to know that “this is really discipline” now. She stands. Rather than count the strokes, she spells out R-C-A-L-C-I-T-R-A-N-T. Good thing they didn’t start over.

Hugs. “The cycle is complete…the editor now stands corrected.” Into the corner, extensive dialogue. Is she staying for dinner?

Inmates 2 – MOOD

23 Mar

Year: 2009; time: 39 minutes
The continuation of a confusing story about 5 girls being punished in a prison by female staffers. Some of the scenes are extensions of whippings found in ‘Inmates 1’ and some are fragmented punishments of different girls in this second part. And for some reason, here, as in the first film, previews of other MOOD films are interspersed. Maybe our copy was doctored by someone.

The story is not important. Female prisoners are punished for fighting, having lesbian sex, throwing urine, all sorts of ladylike things.

Some of the canings are done with the girl naked, fastened kneeling to a wicket-like frame; another pose is especially nasty–the diaper position. With ankles and wrists tied to an overhead bar, legs spread, exposing the pussy, lower buttocks, and thighs.

One girl who is very briefly caned in this diaper position is the model ‘Livia’ from SPANKINGFAMILY. We could not detect her stage name here in the MOOD credits. She gets off lightly here, but presents a dynamic package in her short scene.

Emma and Dublin – XEROTICS

21 Mar

M/2f; time: 22 minutes

We missed the name of this film and will come back and correct this. CP actresses ‘Emma Brown’ and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ fidget, waiting for the headmaster, and what they know is coming. Dublin (in her Irish temper): “He’s a fuckin’ asshole. He can’t wait to get his hands on us.”

The ‘headmaster,’ the usual ¬†XEROTICS¬†actor Peters, overhears the girls and recognizes Dublin’s mouth.

The girls wear blue shirts and neckties with their skirts, bobby socks, and heels. “In my office, now!”

Dublin is first to be spanked. OTK, the Head pulls up her skirt to expose full white panties. Slow moderate spanking. As he spanks, the camera pans the room and table fully set for a meal. He pulls her panties down. Hands-on-head at the wall, bare bottom.

Emma next, always a pleasure. For some reason her panties are fitted loosely. He takes them down.She has what it takes to fill out the right size. After her spanking, she takes her panties off and heads for the wall.

Dublin gets palm slaps with a tawse, which she doesn’t like at all. She is very good with the angry face. Touch-toes for the cane–the Head lays on a dozen, great closeups. Emma is instructed to turn and watch. We see her peach fuzz and an offsetting tan.

Emma goes directly to the cane–just 6.

Dublin gets more cane for her smart mouth; about six, and much harder–the white lines remain. Both girls get a few more of the cane and strap before we conclude.

Sussexful Therapy – CALSTAR

19 Mar

MF/2f; year:1994; time: 37 minutes

Some of the American producer ‘B.J. Frazier’ films involved a sex therapist who spanked girls to resolve their emotional problems, permitting a succession of girls coming by the office for attention. Leave it to the British to take this theme and do it better.

‘Miss Winter’ has run an ad in the newspaper offering spanking services and the two girls have made appointments. ‘Claire Gordon’ is the first to arrive; Miss Winter acts as a palm reader here. Claire likes a little pain now and then and she can’t get her boyfriend to play a little rough with her.

Assistant ‘Purvis’ is attending, a smarmy ageplay guy from the BLUSHES and ROUE tradition. Winters: “Both myself and my assistant can help you out…we may have to take your shorts down.” After Purvis (surely pervy) gets tea, he assists Claire in removing her shorts and panties. Her long top covers everything, but just for this moment.

Winters takes her OTK, the top rides up, and the therapist takes this opportunity to caress the smooth bronze bottom. Purvis leers, apparently an apprentice starting a new career. “Do you mind if I sit in on this?” Hard spanking and fondling. Claire struggles, Purvis holds her still.

Purvis and Winters help her off with her dress and bra, her thong disappeared somewhere. Twirled nude, dynamic bottom, made for CP films or runways. Over the chair for a strap, Purvis takes a few cracks.

Winters will now cane Claire. She jumps up and pauses at the first stroke–“That…stings!” Clearly ad lib. 15 strokes; to keep her calm—“Bend down. I’ll rub it for you.” Purvis adds six strokes, then Winters returns, there is actually going to be more caning. Claire seems to want more. Winters needs a better angle for bigger strokes “if you want it harder.” Furniture adjusted, 25 more, looking quite authentic–if there were repeats, they were well disguised.

There is a knock at the door–the second appointment has arrived, a frizzy blonde, ‘Lisa,’ who looks like a rollicking spanking would be just the thing. She too has a boyfriend who won’t measure up.

After the procedures are explained, Purvis helps her off with her top, jeans, and boots, a bit of confusion. Lisa wears a flower-print thong and bustier, with naughty showgirl pride. But she can’t be a working girl, the way she looks at the camera to see if they like her.

OTK; Winters fondles, spanks, licks, and kisses her bottom. Thong/panties down. Winters drops Lisa’s bra and sucks some nipple. Just whose therapy is this, anyway? Lisa removes Winters’ bra and the girls rub boobs. Winters gets naked and Purvis finds his way into the middle of all this.

The girls play with each other and tease with the cane. Lisa: “Do you think this will solve my problem?” Purvis leads Lisa out of the room to make another appointment and we’d like to think, a few other things.

Spanking Down the Highway – RAVENHILL

19 Mar

M/f; F/f; time: 1 hour six minutes
The boys get more playful as they troll for willing bottoms to spank on film–they call this episode “Bluegrass to Buckeye.” Webmaster Tierre Ainese sits in front of his Excalibur RV narrating his journey, parked in a camp ground, the kind whose trash cans are always full and where you trip over tree roots.

He approaches a blonde, sitting rather forelorned in front of her pitched tent. ‘Monica’ looks like she’d rather be at Starbuck’s. When Tierre explains the “spanking fetish” film concept. Monica perks up. Anything is probably better than sitting in the mud. “What’s in it for me?” He explains the 3-part procedure and she agrees to accompany him to “our spanking truck.”

He shows her the puck choices and the hour glass. “All you have to do is take your cutoffs down and your panties down.” “What panties?” He’s found the right girl.

Monica strips down and goes OTK on the RV couch. We know Tierre covets bottoms like fine wine. “Not bad, nary a peep from you.” We’d have to say, that is because he is quite disarming at getting a girl into compromise. Part of the fun. During the preparation and dialogue, rain roars on the RV and overwhelms the dialogue, but they plow ahead. For some reason, Monica has to leave the trailer (got nervous, had to pee? cleaner shorts? what?), and the boys are surprised that she didn’t chicken out and actually returns.

After the bare bottom handspanking warmup, she selects the ‘hairbrush’ puck; Tierre is kind with it, to keep her in the trailer, some bruises. The next puck is the ‘cane’; she gets 25 strokes, with the usual wrap-around problem on the far buttock. There isn’t enough room in the trailer for the measured backswing or to switch sides.

Monica is declared the “Kentucky Spanking Queen,” and givem a gold star for the travel map on the RV door.

The second part of the video represents a format variation–Tierre and Richard will pay a woman to spank her daughter fpr filming. The lsdy does a nice job of portraying ‘Trailer park trash,’ and the daughter, a nubile blonde worthy of RAVENHILL casting, is agreeable to taking the spanking she has earned for the filming, she wants some of the money. The woman was going to “beat her ass” anyway, but now “I can make some money.”

The group returns to the lady’s house, where the spankings will begin. The film lighting is poor, and we’ll give RH credit that it is for amateur effect. The first session is a handspanking on the girl’s nifty little denim short shorts. They come down, no panties. Lots of scolding and jerky camera work.

The second session is a bend-over in the kitchen for a wooden spoon. Everybody has one, and it hurts. On the shorts, then on the bare. The blonde has a lithe little body, not a trailer park casting prototype.

The girl is sent outside to cut a switch, the kind of submissive gesture we have admired at LUPUS. Most of the switching is filmed from the facial angle. We’ll forgive them if they let up on this cute bottom.

The boys wave goodbye as they heads for the RV.

Friday Punishments – REALSPANKINGS

12 Mar

MF/3f; year: 2002; time: 1 hr 13 minutes

Long film for REALSPANKINGS and a bit of a story–three Institute students, familiar models ‘Brandi,’ ‘Jessica,’ and ‘Jennifer,’ have each gotten into trouble and been referred to the Friday afternoon punishment sessions with headmaster/webmaster Michael Masterson.

A number of CP film producers have these punishment appointment films–LUPUS in numerous versions; old stuff at NUWEST with prison guards or nuns, and others.

Mistress Dee caught Jessica masturbating for a second time, Brandi was cheating on a test, and Jennifer’s offense we missed, but there have been 12 of them.

Jessica is masturbating furiously, as if she has just a few minutes free in her school day. Dee bursts in and is so angry that, in attention to referring Jessica to Friday afternoon with a spanking endorsement and a certainty, she will add some punishment now. Jessica gets a few palm slaps with as ruler.

There are some flashbacks of these girls being punished in other situations–after all, at the Institute this is what happens, it seems daily. Some of these scenes we assume are from other films–4 naked girls being paddled; Jessica spanked by Dee for cigarettes in her backpack; and Dee spanking Brandi and another girl in her office.

“Friday 4 PM”: Dee brings this afternoon’s list to Masterson, who tries to appear distressed by the task. There is a fade to one of Jennifer’s previous spankings in Masterson’s office, attended by Dee, who takes charge of the panties. Several paddles, quite hard, various colored and shaped bruises illustrating just how firm the punishments are at RSN.

The three girls are brought in, spiffy in the frilly white blouses, medium length plaid skirts, knee socks, and cross-over ties. All three do a nice job of appearing like they have arrived for a colonoscopy. Dee asks them to raise their skirts and display their school white panties.

Dee asks that, to reinforce her authority, she begin each punishment herself with a handspanking. Dee takes a seat on a Queen Anne chair in front of the fireplace; Jessica is first OTK, Dee takes her panties down to assert that control. A hard and fast handspanking, closeups for most of it, and very hard–experienced Jessica is gasping from the first. Dee spanks hard enough that she has to alternate arms.

Masterson takes over–Jessica grabs ankles in front of the fireplace–the camera holds on this freckled bare bottom for the moment. Panties stretched at ankles, Masterson paddles, instant round bruises.

The girls are watching, hands on head, panties on display. Tall brunette Brandi next, same hard spanking from Dee; she gets the strap from Michael. A roughed-up bottom, to be sure. Tears, almost convulsive.

Jennifer last, another rocker from Dee, then one of the longest canings you can find at RSN. Six sets of 10 strokes each, on the bare, counted aloud by the other two red bottoms, with brief rest periods.

Just to complete the humiliation, the girls are required to strip naked. Dee collects their clothes and they are marched in a line, nude, back into the school.