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29 Apr

M/f; time: 16 minutes
An incomplete film, we will amend this when we can. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Hywel Phillips’ tussle in a bright well-furnished sunroom, a set we have seen before. He bends her over a high table in the center of the room and fastens her wrists behind her back. “Tell me what you are doing!”

Amelia is elegant again in pink top, a short flower print skirt, beads, and red heels. Hywel inserts a red ball gag and fastens it into place. This would have been fun to see in any number of other films where Ms. Rutherford protested too much. He ties her wrists and knees with fashionable red rope. He helps her up onto the table and maneuvers her to lie lengthwise, on her stomach of course. Now he ties her ankles. He can now hogtie her in the classic BDSM style. We should say, Hywel is quick and efficient with knots.

In this posture, he pulls down her panties as best as can be done, and now he will leave her, more standard BDSM. He returns with some of his implements and begins to spank her. She writhes and dodges as much as she can. Mild but cute. Occasional pubic glimpses.

She is getting her “just desserts,” says Hywel. Since her feet are available Hywell does some mild bastinado on her soles. Goodness, Ms. Rutherford, your feet are dirty. After all the films you have made!

He forces her to sign some agreement, which she does by holding the pen in her mouth. Would this be considered ‘duress?’ He puts the gag back in, says “bye, bye” and writes his telephone number on her bottom with a marker. She will need someone else to read that back for her.

Sally Carter at XEROTICS

29 Apr

Here are some of the many films XEROTICS  distributed, most of them between 8 and 20 minutes in length, not all of them, and often featuring well-known CP stars. We have separately collected some of our favorites, such as Jodie Carnell, Jasmine Lau, Sarah Collins, Catherine Corbett, Dublin O’Brien, Masie Dee, Anita, Angelina, Hannah Crawford and more  A parade of great British and international bottoms; we have noted in some cases the ladies with more diverse adult careers.


‘Sally Carter Spanking Interview 2’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Auburn haired Sally has already been introduced to OTK spanking. Now Peters will show her some implements. He has her lie over some pillows, first for the strap. Knickers down, a red bottom. 

Sally laughs nervously when Peters shows her the next strap. She gets it on the lighter side. She is shaved. 

Matron Knows Best’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes): Older male and female actors play a Headmaster and Matron; the matron reports ‘Carter’ (Sally) for dirty panties. The Headmaster disclaims knowledge of such hygenics. He only sees bottoms when he has to spank them.

Carter is summoned, a solid brunette. “Drop your drawers.” “What, here?” The Matron checks and sure enough,she is not clean. The matron marches her into a bathroom, washes her butt and makes Carter wash, keeping her ample, athletic  bottom full-screen.

Back to the Headmaster’s office for the punishment. the matron uses a slipper, quite hard, OTK. the Headmaster observes. Carter has a few faint bruises from a previous film.

The Head will now cane her. She leans on a chair and takes 15 sharp snaps, each of which cause her to jump and gasp. The only facials of this actress occur during this caning sequence.

Each girl is spanked OTK; she comments on their “red bottoms,” another favorite

No Fighting’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with Sally Carter  and Anita. The girls have been fighting and they will be spanked for it. Both sit on the couch in schoolgirl kit. Elizabeth has them both bend over and pull  their knickers down. Two bottoms to compare. Anita has the classic feminine bottom for CP films, whereas Sally is smaller and a tight little package.

Simpson straps them both. When they sit again and laugh, Simpson will strap them again. Routine stuff.

‘Sally Home Late’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Sally  Carter gets a spanking for coming home late from school. She pulls her own knickers down and lies on a bed. Nothing. 

‘Simple OTK’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Sarah Carter gets a simple straightforward OTK handspanking from Elizabeth Simpson, knickers down, all bottom. Sarah shows small, thin, and trim.

‘Phone Thief’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson has caught Sally Carter in the theft of a friend’s phone. Sally can’t help snickering at the lines. “You think it’s funny, do you?” Simpson wants her skirt off and knickers down to get started. She is left waiting bare bottom.

Simpson returns. Sally must take off the rest of her clothes. Red bottom already. The blocking on the set is wrong, too much furniture to get a good view of Sally. Closeups will cure it somewhat. A mild handspanking and the hairbrush. Some rubbing and a frontal of this little model.

‘Locker Room’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson has had Sally Carter’s locker searched and a large dildo has been found. “It’s not mine. Somebody got my key.” They sit at a table, the same as in the above video, with the same issues, not corrected. Nobody looked at the rushes. Simpson will allow her to choose the spanking implement, a paddle. Standard spanking to conclude the punishment.

‘Bared and Spanked’ (M/f; time:  8 minutes) Sally Carter is scolded by Peters from off screen. He rouses her out of bed and wants her naked. Mild handspanking and then bs k to bed naked.


Traveling Disciplinarian and Aristocrat – NORTHERNSPANKING

29 Apr

M/f; time: 16 minutes; year: 2012
A film made by ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ RESTRAINED ELEGANCE, together with NORTHERNSPANKING. ‘Niki Flynn’ is credited as on camera.

Amelia sits at a modern glass table in an airy eating room. A knock on the door, it is the character ‘Mr. Richards'(actor ‘Hywel Phillips’), a traveling disciplinarian. Amelia found his name in the yellow pages. She has some guilt, having cheated to win some kind of race, and does not deserve the prize money or the trophy.

Richards has come prepared, which is why he was called. He empties a bag of spanking implements on the table. “Kindly raise your skirt…panties down of course.” Amelia is her usual glamorous self in white blouse, tight beige skirt, and heels. She doesn’t hesitate. There are faint bruises on her bottom.

She squeals through and counts out 12 moderate snappy cane strokes. Richards adds a few more to encourage a more fervent promise that she will apologize. While she stands bent over the table with her panties down, Richards has her sign an acknowledgement of the caning. He demands she stay in position.

Richards packs and is about to leave, but decides Amelia does not seem sufficiently contrite, so he adds a few cane strokes and has her draft a letter of apology to be sent to the ‘Times.’

Richards leaves again; Amelia is supposed to stay in position, but she puts her panties up, sits and squeals, Richards hears it and returns to add a few cane strokes, just more time for Ms. Rutherford’s bottom to be featured.

Lesbian Lashes – CALSTAR

28 Apr

F/f; year: 2010 time: 28 minutes
Marginally insufferable stuff from American CALSTAR. Two smarmy girls, plenty of tattoos, go through silly lesbian CP exercises not worth detailing.

We presume someone thought there was a market for this stuff. While we subscribe to the ancient axiom that two girls are always better than one, pass on this one.

Hitch Hiker Spanked 2 – CALSTAR

28 Apr

M/f; time: 31 minutes
Some lightweight stuff, again from Americans ‘Jay Dee’ and ‘Kiri Kelly,’ of little note other than to be aware of what the seminal CP film industry was doing at this time in evolution.

Jay Dee picks up Kiri, a hitch hiker, flashing a lot of leg. He is playing his role here as a therapist. He takes her home, they plop down on a daybed, and when left alone, Kiri is immediately rummaging around to see what she can find. He brings her a drink, they chat, terrible acting. He takes notes on observations of her personality.

Jay thinks some attitude adjustment might work. “What kind of discipline do you suggest?” Kiri wants to know. He takes her OTK; she quite amused. Shorts and panties down fairly soon–at this point we suspend judgment on acting–we have seen in other films why Ms. Kelly was so successful in the early CP era, with NUWEST, CALSTAR, and others.

They go to a bedroom, where Kiri is going to spend the night. She is amused and critical of the décor. Jay is a bachelor. She undresses and goes to bed. Jay brings her some clothes which might suit.

An exterior shot; they leave the house and travel to a storefront spa, which Jay unlocks. He shows a piece of “chiropractic equipment,’ an aluminum platform designed to attach ankles and allow the occupant to hang upside down to stretch the back.

“Why don’t you take your dress off?” She assists in being fastened to the device; now she wears only panties, garter belt, and stockings. He pulls her panties down (actually up) as she hangs. He paddles, fondles, kisses, frigs. He is sweating; still making therapy notes.

Kiri kneels on the floor for more spanking, bottom up, dog in heat.


28 Apr

M/f; time: 30 minutes
We found this little gem, surely the CP actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ in her other persona as ‘Natasha.’ She will combine corporal punishment and more BDSM behavior in this film.

A Russian-type guy will be whipping her. She is wearing just a bra, garter belt, stockings, and panties. She kneels in a couch, hands on the wall, for a whipping. She shifts to the diaper position for attention to her thighs–much more aggressive than her CP films.

Natasha stands, the guy takes off her top and helps himself to her boobs. He ties her boobs with rope, BDSM style, swelling them, then slaps them with a flogger.

Panties down, he flogs her pussy–some struggling here. Arms tied behind her back, bend-over, more flogging. CUT. Garter belt back on, spread at the wall, more flogging. Natasha/Dublin shows more in this film than on her CP side.


28 Apr

M/f; time: 32 minutes
‘Niki Flynn,’ wearing a black outfit, jimmies the lock and enters the front door of a house. Now, we don’t mean to be picky, but cat burglars should be shimmying down drain pipes or vaulting rooftops. But the advantage here, Niki provides rear views as she enters and climbs the stairs, the camera following at waist level.

When she is looking through the jewelry she has found, the man of the house comes home. There is the anticipated discussion, Niki is hanging her head, and they decide on their own form of justice. Ms. Flynn is svelte and gym-thin here. Her hair is longer–shoulder length–we will have to fit this film into her chronology.

The guy takes her OTK–she will accept this. After a lengthy handspanking and perfunctory struggle from her, she stands, unzips the side, and drops her fashionable warmup pants. She wears a blue print thong. After a long spanking, what do you know, the guy has a crop readily at hand. She kneels on a straight chair–her bottom is fully naked, and the guy is quite impressed. When she stands, she checks her bottom. “I’m black and blue.” Hardly.

Niki and the homeowner are starting to have some fun. He steers her to a stripper’s pole, installed right there in the bedroom. He puts on music and Niki begins to undulate, not so bad at it. The warmup pants come off–they have zippers down both sides. The guy has pulled up a chair and watches intently. After the normal dance, and a rather mild one, Niki turns to hug the pole so that the guy can use a large soft flogger on her.

Niki takes her top off, no bra. Things are getting serious. He likes what he sees. He fastens around her neck the jewelry she was trying to steal, they caress.

Under Rhodesian Law – NUWEST NWV-077

28 Apr

MF/2f; year: 1983; time: 28 minutes
Very early stuff, the second-from-original opening graphics, and clunky and crude, to be sure. But as usual, NUWEST had the most demonic, creative mind, conjuring spankings in every circumstance we spankos might fantasize it.

Two British girls are arrested at Rhodesian customs for smuggling, and taken away. A narration explains that it is not unusual, especially for pretty girls, to be spanked by the police even before the court passes sentence. For these two big-haired brunettes, double jeopardy is assured. We’re good at it. The actors are very early NW paticipants, no familiar faces yet.

The girls are led off in handcuffs to the police. “Take your clothes off, now!” Now, these girls undress in a manner we would think more common. They remove their pantyhose and panties BEFORE they take their dresses off, as if someone might be down the hall with a Pardon. Breezy summer dresses off, no bras, full thatches of pubic hair-1983.

A female guard does a visual cavity search, the girls are re-cuffed, hands in front, then each naked girl is given a long naked ruler spanking OTK. Lots of kicking and squawking. Entertaining.

FADE to the courtroom; the judge scolds and sentences the girls to corporal punishment. Cut to a jail cell, just a bench behind a barred door. Another cut, the girls are naked again, and each will be whipped, bent over a stool on a pedestal, wrists fastened to lower rungs. The blocking is poor here, there are too many people in the shot. Justice served in Zimbabwe.

Wheel of Pain 3 – ELITEPAIN

28 Apr

MF/2f; time: 54 minutes
A painful little exercise from webmaster Maximilian Lomp; we thought e would log in, review one of these, and move on.

The spinning contest wheel is used to select spanking punishments–a theme used with more humor by RAVENHILL and others. MOOD has some wicked contests, and there are caning competitions at CALSTAR.

25 year old ‘Tatiyana’ will be the first contestant on this ‘show.’ The simple wheel has selections for what part of the body will be punished and with what implement. A rack holds about 15 familiar spanking tools.

Lomp explains the wheel and Tatiyana spins it–she draws being whipped with a martinet on the breasts. She takes the short whip off its hook and heads for the “challenge room.” FADE: she is naked and tied to a frame. A female, ‘Mandy,’ whips her boobs.

She returns to Lomp–the second spin is the cane on the pussy. Ouch.

Third spin; pussy again, a different cane. Tatiyana is strapped into the diaper position, so that most of this caning falls in the thighs. In this scene, looks like the actress can seen the strokes coming, because her bottom is gyrating when the cane strikes. Nasty marks, she is sweating.

Back to the wheel, Lomp wants to see her bottom. One more spin–front thighs with a martinet, very hard, huge marks, nasty.

A second girl–a sophisticated looking blonde, ‘Wendy.’ 27 years old. She goes through the same 5 spinning events and manages to avoid any attention to her bottom. Lomp sees to that with a crop “for a little extra money.” Handshake and she is gone.

Best of Brenda Marshall – NUWEST NWV-341

28 Apr

time: 30 minutes

Very early stuff from NUWEST, collected later in this catalogue #341, and set in a time before their regular cast members had assembled and before Ed Lee had begun cranking out his extensive spanking fantasies. The films collected here are even earlier.

In a 12 minute episode, Brenda and two other girls are paddled naked by another girl, presumably a sorority sister, given the Greek letters on the wall of the crude set. In another scene, three girls play musical chairs with the female sister, and Brenda loses every time. She is a thin thing, not one of the dynamic bottoms Lee was soon to connect with. But she was willing to take her pants off and risk a hard spanking, probably a big thing.

A segment with three naked girls and matrons; lots of pubic hair.

A long excerpt from ‘Convent Discipline’; six girls in parochial school uniforms serial-spanked by nuns in full habit.

‘Brenda’ and ‘Jean’ narrate and spank each other.

Brenda as the domme, using a toilet to sit on, spanks a blonde with a small paddle.

Nothing much new here; another historical document on just what Ed Lee and NUWEST contributed to the CP film industry. It is difficult to find a single idea anywhere that was not first explored in San Marcos.