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29 Apr

M/f; time: 16 minutes
An incomplete film, we will amend this when we can. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Hywel Phillips’ tussle in a bright well-furnished sunroom, a set we have seen before. He bends her over a high table in the center of the room and fastens her wrists behind her back. “Tell me what you are doing!”

Amelia is elegant again in pink top, a short flower print skirt, beads, and red heels. Hywel inserts a red ball gag and fastens it into place. This would have been fun to see in any number of other films where Ms. Rutherford protested too much. He ties her wrists and knees with fashionable red rope. He helps her up onto the table and maneuvers her to lie lengthwise, on her stomach of course. Now he ties her ankles. He can now hogtie her in the classic BDSM style. We should say, Hywel is quick and efficient with knots.

In this posture, he pulls down her panties as best as can be done, and now he will leave her, more standard BDSM. He returns with some of his implements and begins to spank her. She writhes and dodges as much as she can. Mild but cute. Occasional pubic glimpses.

She is getting her “just desserts,” says Hywel. Since her feet are available Hywell does some mild bastinado on her soles. Goodness, Ms. Rutherford, your feet are dirty. After all the films you have made!

He forces her to sign some agreement, which she does by holding the pen in her mouth. Would this be considered ‘duress?’ He puts the gag back in, says “bye, bye” and writes his telephone number on her bottom with a marker. She will need someone else to read that back for her.


29 Apr

Here are some of the many films XEROTICS  distributed, most of them between 8 and 20 minutes in length, not all of them, and often featuring well-known CP stars. We have separately collected some of our favorites, such as Jodie Carnell, Jasmine Lau, Sarah Collins, Catherine Corbett, Dublin O’Brien, and Hannah Crawford. We have also separated some of the ‘celebrities,’ our interpretation of the models who worked around the genre. A parade of great British bottoms; we have noted in some cases the ladies with more diverse adult careers. 

And there are many of the British Tops here too—Peters, Agean, Michael Stamp, John Osborne, Paul Kennedy, Mike Stevenson, Henderson, Colin Baxter. And the women—Jean Bradley, Miss Smith, Miss Svenson, Ms. Hastings-Gore, Valkerie. 

‘Abi back again’ (M/f; time:6 minutes) Stringy braided blonde Abi is bent over, a caning underway. She wears schoolie kilt and blouse. A male disciplinarian, not a regular on this series for us, is doing the deed. He pulls her panties to her knees and lays on one of the more severe punishments we have seen from this distributor, where the spankings are mostly moderate and the girls must stay around to make several films.

We counted almost 90 strokes, almost all of which were filmed at least  in duplicate, rear view and oblique. Abi yelps a lot, making the counting easy. Very quick and convincing wheals and stripes. If you can’t get through all these. XEROTICS films, don’t miss this one.

‘Trudy Strapped’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Braided blonde Abigail (despite the title) is  Mr. Henderson’s bookkeeper. The books are not balanced. Both he and she seem to be willing to trade a spanking for this discrepancy. Depending on the size of the error, this would not be a bad solution for a lot of workplace problems. 

Long scolding on a couch. Abigail stands and Henderson drops her pants, certainly part of his fun. Red panties down.  OTK. Routine handspanking, clear bottom. Abigail’s pale complexion makes for a fine spanking model. In various camera angles, she looks a foot taller than Henderson. 

Abigail bends over a modern chrome chair. There is a stripper’s pole in the shot, which we see in other films on this set. Thong has come back up. Paddle here. 

Absent Without Leave‘ Reviewed with Jodie Carnell  collection.

Ellie Mae’ ‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Ellie Mae, as pretty a blond schoolgirl as you will see in the genre. She has been caught smoking for the fifth time, so now the headmaster has sent her to the XEROTICS  character ‘Agean’ for a spanking.

The scene is simply a white backdrop. The director showed a bit too much of his equipment in this short film. Ellie  lifts her skirt to show regulation panties, more of a bikini cut than full-cut, but at least she won’t be spanked for that.

Bend-over the desk, white panties down, handspanking and strapping, conventional and moderate. The attraction on this film is the actress’s pretty face, not lost to the cameraman.

‘Attitude Correction’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Miss Smith and Peters examine a messy room. They call in Elizabeth Simpson, who still does the schoolgirl quite well. After a long scolding, the spanking finally begins. Smith pulls down Elizabeth’s white knickers to expose a clear bottom. Routine spanking, good facials. After the spanking, Simpson is sent to clean up her room, but without any pants. 

‘bare your bottom’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with schoolgirl Lucy. The schoolgirl has been sent to a “retreat” because of continuous trouble at several schools. Just a snapshot version of the great LUPUS ‘reform school’ idea. Simpson gets right to the spanking. Skirt up, regulation knickers down, some fondling. Old bruises. A routine spanking. Hands on head, bottom n display. 

Beating of Kara Jayne‘ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) The pretty blond schoolgirl who made a number of films for MOONGLOW. The character ‘Peters’ will tend to her here. “Strip!” Skirt, tie, blouse, and panties off. She keeps her bra on as well as her knee socks. There may have been some law about total nudity, or, we’ve read, some aficionados prefer an item or two of extraneous clothing. Good girl, she has a clear bottom here. Peters starts with a strap then shifts to his cane. 18 strokes shown, various angles and repeats. Cute film, a little hot body, prototype convincing caning, and a nifty little beaver trim flashed at the conclusion. 

‘Blazer of Trust’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes)   Colin Baxter sits at his computer. Someone should have adjusted his chair height so that it looked like he actually worked there. He has summoned a pretty pigtailed  brunette. He has discovered she has been surfing Internet spanking sites. She tries to deny then deflect. It was for “research.” She wears a flamboyant prefect’s blazer, reminding us more of a theater usher.

Colin scolds first, and of course he is going to give her some live experience. First, some palm slaps, and rather light. He admires her fancy dress. OTK in the office setting, very much as a STRAND production would do it. The girl’s  bottom  sits high and hard. Regulation knickers down. Colin has to wiggle his chair around so that her bottom faces the camera. Hands on the desk for the strap to conclude. 

‘cleaner punished’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Leia Ann Woods wears a maid’s outfit  and she has run afoul of her employer, Kirsty we believe, a familiar busty blond domme (and a good Bottom). The scene is the blacked out room with the parquet floors. Leia is taken OTK and her knickers come down immediately.  The woman spanks unusually hard, more hits than smacks. You’d imagine a lot of models couldn’t take this. 

Leia surrenders her knickers, and commences sweeping the room, without pants. Nice. She bends over a chair, locking her knees as she does so well. Paddle and strap. More bare bottom broom pushing. She is fully red, and no wonder, from that spanking. 

‘Dishonest and Disgraceful’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Schoolgirl Elizabeth Simpson and Mr. Henderson. She searches through his jacket, lifts his wallet, and hides it in her knickers, the CP equivalent of a death wish. 

Henderson arrives, searches her, and finds the wallet. A brief scolding, then she removes her jumper and he takes her knickers down. OTK bare bottom. Elizabeth stands to step out of her knickers. She will touch toes for the cane. Over 20 strokes shown, repeats, slow motion, stripes, and one stroke very low which leaves a nasty ripening line. In closeup. 

‘Domestic Discipline in the Home’ (M/f: time: 7 minutes) Brunette Angelina Cortez has been out late and Peters is waiting for her. She plays his wife and he helped her immigrate. “I paid a lot of money to bring you over here.” He has some leverage. 

After a long discussion, Angelina steps out of her skirt. Her bottom is already red, so Peters has been teaching her  British ways. Standard spanking and some fondling. She kneels on the floor to beg. For what?

‘Elizabeth Simpson with Fae and Maisie’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Maisie runs to Simpson and accuses Fae of being in her face all the time. Fae has been using the ‘c’ word and the ‘f’ word. One gets spanked for a lot less in these halls. 

Simpson calls for Fae and takes her OTK. Black pants and panties down Ms. Fae has been spanked recently. A routine spanking then a brief caning. Then a bend-over at the couch for 6 cane strokes.

Snitches never survive in CP films. Maisie is taken OTK, kilt up, panties down, for a rather silly spanking. 

‘girl sleeping’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Agean wakes up a sleeping and groggy brunette. He will spank her immediately. She wears a black top and slacks. The girl stands and allows Agean to pull down first her slacks and then her red thong.  OTK again, there are some heavy bruises from a previous session. Over the couch for a strap. 

Jasmine-medical‘ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) ‘Jasmine Lau. Reviewed elsewhere in Jasmine collection.

Joanna‘ (MF/f; time: 14 minutes) ‘Agean’ and a blond woman will have student ‘Joanna’ confess her sins for the week. She is wearing just a T-shirt and panties, which must signal what is expected in these sessions.

Both Agean and the lady will spank her OTK first; she has already been spanked, and not so long ago.

They both cane her, 10 from Agean and 6 from the woman; red face, tears, sufficiently convincing. 

‘Katie late for shoot’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond Katie scurries into a film studio, where Miss Smith is waiting for her. She is two hours late for a film shoot. The set is the garage-like workspace used in many films. 

Presumably it was to be a spanking film. They rearrange some furniture and Smith takes Katie OTK, pants and white thong down. Routine spanking, followed by a bend-over for a strap. The penalty for being late for a spanking film shoot is a spanking.

‘Laura and Miss Smith’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Brunette Laura walks across the gravel parking area of the compound and knocks on the door of the main house. She wears a yellow house dress. Miss Smith admits her and the scolding begins. 

The little dress comes up, Miss Smith almost rips the white knickers down, and a long handspanking begins. Laura is made to sit at a table, bare bottom, to write  lines, or an essay, etc. Not enough shots of her flattened buttocks on the wood chair. To conclude, she bends over for a strap. All routine. 

‘Lottie’s Disgrace’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Peters tracked Lottie Kinsade’s activity on his computer and looked at her Facebook—smoking, drinking, boys, a disgrace to his household. She would appear to be his aupair. The scene is the garret room. He takes her pants and knickers down like he frequently does, full frontal for him and bottom for us. 

OTK, clear bottom. Standard spanking. Hands on the chair for a slipper. Hands on head to conclude. An entertaining spanking for this model. 

‘Monday is humiliation day’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Lucy reports to Elizabeth Simpson in full schoolgirl kit, including blazer and boater. She is a brunette with streaks of red. Simpson orders her to strip. “I’m not sure about this.” Regulation knickers come off, but the bra stays on. Hands on a chair for the spanking, a mostly clear bottom. Handspanking first, then a slipper, 2 straps, and leather paddle, and finally the cane. Six sharp strokes from Simpson. 

Polish Prostitutes‘ (MF/2f; time: 20 minutes) Two blondes are confronted by their blond ‘madam.’ “What the fuck are you doing here?” She is going to spank her two lazy working girls and risk the consequences of two red bottoms for her customers.

She takes her first girl OTK and is surprised by her skimpy little nonsensical panties, but no matter, they come down right away. The second girl gets the same spanking.

After strapping both of the girls, the madam takes a phone call; it sounds like she is assuring a disgruntled customer that whatever happened to him won’t happen again. We remember delightful iterations of this plot at MOONGLOW, where the actress ‘Alison Payne’s’ unwilling bottom pays the price for not pleasing the customer.

The actor ‘Agean’ arrives; is he the rejected customer? “The madam told me I can do what I like.” First he will use the tawse on both bottoms and then the cane. The first girl gets 8 strokes, the second 6 strokes, and she marks up much more colorfully than the first. Both girls cry impressively. But Agean has not achieved what he came for, so adds 3 strokes for both girls.

‘Punishment ?’ (F/2f; time: 15 minutes) Anita  and Zoe sit discussing spanking. They will try it. Brunette Anita goes over redhead Zoe’s lap for a playful start, jeans and knickers down. Tap-tap, silly so far. 

Miss Svenson catches them. They know she likes to spank, although she won’t admit it. “You do it too often,” they point out.  This crew has made other films. See ‘Stairwell Punishments’ above. Of course she will show the girls the ropes.

Anita will be spanked first. She is mostly naked already. She pulls her jersey off and now wears only a bra. A glorious trim figure. And she is proud to present a shaved frontal. OTK, handspanking and slipper. 

Svenson  will spank Zoe next. She takes off her denim shorts and drops her thong for a handspanking and slipper. As for Anita, instead of the usual bottom to the wall, she stands with pants down, full frontal, watching. Jenny has some vaginal jewelry. 

Zoe bends over for the cane. Very hard, a surprise after some tepid spanking. Immediate marks. Jenny gives Zoe’s Bottom a close inspection. 

‘Punishment Needed’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Peters takes a cute brunette into a kitchen, her bottom already bare from having been spanked. The model reminds us a bit of Pandora Blake. This might be the model ‘Janna.’

Peters gets his cane. She will be punished in the hallway of this set, we think part of the country stone house setting, seen before. He will strap her first, with one of those heavy doubled belts which must be used carefully. Nice angles 

The girl goes up the stairs bare bottom. The staircase is too small and confined to permit the classic scene. Nothing like the baronial settings in FIRMHAND. After a blackout, the girl reports to Peters in a sitting room. She now wears a T-shirt and leisure pants. She drops her pants and bends over at a small fireplace. 

Peters will cane her. Various angles and repeats. Over 30 strokes are shown. Noticeable welts and bruises, although the caning seems mild. Very good csning not diminished by the repeats.

‘Rowina thrashed by Miss Valkerie’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Rowina is a small and shy brunette, rather unlike the normal spanking model. She wears a sort of denim house dress and knee boots. She is up against Miss Valkerie here, who wears her usual white blouse and painted on designer jeans. We are in the  barren blue room studio. 

OTK, skirt up, regulation knickers come down. She is already marked. A handspanking, very hard. What else from Valkerie? Sometimes she spanks with both hands. Rowina’s bottom turns dark red. She ends the segment displaying her bottom kneeling on a chair. 

‘Russian Girl Disciplined UK Style’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) A title which permits XEROTICS to hire a foreign language spanking model. The cries of anguish remain universal. Jean Bradley uses her Glaswegian to require the girl to strip to white bra and regulation  knickers, on the understanding this is the culture.

The set is the chrome furniture space, part of the garret room set. The Russian is already red, so someone else took the leverage of instructing her. She gets a slow handspanking bent over. She takes her own knickers down. Some gasping. Nice welcome. 

‘Sally Carter Spanking Interview 2’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Auburn haired Sally has already been introduced to OTK spanking. Now Peters will show her some implements. He has her lie over some pillows, first for the strap. Knickers down, a red bottom. 

Sally laughs nervously when Peters shows her the next strap. She gets it on the lighter side. She is shaved. 

‘Secret Smoker’ (F/f; time:18 minutes) We think it is Anita, with Elizabeth Simpson. A familiar couch setting, and Ms. Simpson wears the same outfit as in ‘Weekly Punishment Day,’ unusual for these productions. The models to be spanked must be waiting in a green room somewhere. Anita has been caught smoking and will be spanked.

Simpson arranges pillows, Anita takes off her school blazer, but first she will go OTK. Grey skirt up, white knickers bunched. She is tall enough that in the OTK posture she still must kneel on the floor. Overhead views and facials. 

Simpson wants her to bend over, hands on the sofa, and has to show her how to assume the posture. Can this have been scripted? Her knickers are at her knees. Simpson gets the blouse tucked out of the way. A slippering. Closeups. 

‘Severe Discipline for Elizabeth Simpson’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Peters has Simpson in a sort of storeroom. She quickly bares her bottom, naked from the waist down. She starts bent over for Peters, her bottom already faintly red. Handspanking first, followed by a strap. And the cane—about 25 strokes shown, with repeats and slow motion. Little gasps from Elizabeth. White tram lines. Nice acting, facials, struggling, and a frontal flash for fun.

Speeding Ticket’ Reviewed in the Jasmine  collection.

‘Spank Rather Than Wank’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Blond Paige is caught masturbating on one of the double beds on the bedroom set by a woman. She is going to get spanked for it, handspanking and a hairbrush. Not so hard here. Enough fondling to suggest the next part.

Turns out the Domme likes to watch Paige wank, and that Paige likes a good  “spunkin,” the best phonetic we can suggest for her Scottish. So this film could be retitled as ‘Spanking AND Wanking.’ 

Paige wears on a black lace top and a black thong, minimal night things designed for someone to remove. When she is being spanked, her athletic bottom soars and rises, high and hard. Thong off, she masturbates again, to the amusement of the watching domme. 

After a segue, Paige wants to be spanked again. The woman has brought a collection of implements. Paige kneels on the bed, that tight bottom even more magnificent. Slow motion spanking added. 

‘Shanelle’s Punishment’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) We deviate from the schoolgirl theme for a moment. An older couple, at least compared to XEROTICS schoolgirls, stumble home from partying, up a stairway and probably onto the garret room set. The guy is mad at Shanelle and is going to spank her. 

There are many good CP films about naughty wives and girlfriends getting spanked at home after misbehaving at parties. Some old fashioned costume dramas from CALSTAR, Amelia Jane Rutherford with various husbands in STRAND productions. Even though she’s drunk and could stimulate some action for later, Shanelle doesn’t want to be spanked here.

She wears an evening dress. She is bent over and put on the couch. She fights her handspanking. Dress up, gold sparkle panties (she was expecting this?), he works them down as she struggles. The cane next, starting light and then harder. She wriggles and grabs and should now be ready to do what she is told. 

‘Sticky Fingers, Sore Bottoms’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond Paige looks around a room, looking to steal something. As she often does, she takes the moment alone to drop her pants and masturbate. She is immediately caught by Elizabeth Simpson and taken OTK, knickers down. Already red. Handspanking and strap. 

Strapped Teenager‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) A hazel-eyed streaked blonde is staying with a character called ‘Peters.’ She is 19 years old and finds amusement in his scolding lecture on her domestic behavior. No doubt how to get the attention of a girl like this.

He will give her 12 strokes of the strap, over a high stool. Peters wants her jeans down–one usually needs a girl to help with these things in CP films, where the jeans are tight. And it is a submissive act, part of the fun.

Peters pulls the little thong down begins a warmup handspanking. At the first stroke of the strap, definitely more intense, the girl must have cursed, which will cost her a few more in this short and cute spanking/strapping.

’Stairwell Punishments’ (F/3f; time: 13 minutes) British CP filmmakers love staircases. Here, dour Miss Svenson will spank three girls on the landing of a staircase, not a ‘stairwell’ in our reckoning. She has set up a chair. The girls sit on the flight of stairs below, where the camera is also perched. 

Svenson  wears a medical smock. Jenny is called up first. She drops her knickers and goes OTK for a lefthanded handspanking. The space is tight, the camera perch is not good enough to pick up the action. Redhead Zoe is called up the stairs next. Svenson does her knickers. After her spanking, she leans over the chair for a light caning. As the girls clear the stairs the camera tries to adjust the view.

The third girl is Lottie Kinsade. The camera is able to follow her upskirt on the now cleared path. Svenson spanks right handed this time, actually placing Lottie’s bottom in better view. She also gets a brief caning, but a lot harder. 

The three bottoms are lined up for final presentation. We commend the director for trying some set innovation. Just not enough space, but we appreciate the diversion from the XEROTICS formula. 

‘Suspended From School’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Peters’ here with actress ‘Hannah Crawford,’ who is even more interesting when her blouse comes off, but it won’t happen here. Reviewed in Crawford collection.

Three in blue‘ (F/3f; time: ‘McKenzie’ reports two other girls to ‘Miss Smith,’ a domme actress with the Scottish accent from the CP spanking community of actors. All the girls are wearing little blue gingham print housedresses, white panties, and low heels, not much else. The two girls, brunette ‘Chloe’ and blond ‘Paula,’ are marched in to Smith.

We didn’t catch their offense, but the spankings begin immediately. Each girl OTK, Smith yanks down the panties. Bare bottoms to the wall. The girls then take turns bending for the strap. They are sent off. Standard stuff, but well done. But prefect McKenzie will not escape. Always good to spank snitches. She will get the same, with the added humiliation of losing her panties while she faces us.

Two girls behind walls’ (MF/f; time: 14 minutes) Our title for a short film. Two girls have been sent to a female disciplinarian. They buzz in and pass through a large electrically operated driveway gate, a reasonable portrayal of a CP theme of being punished ‘behind high walls.’

The two girls, one of whom is the well-spanked actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ have been sent to the blond woman by their guardian for fighting and stealing. “You’re here for corporal punishment,” says the Scottish lady, reminiscent of ‘Jean Bradley,’ brandishing her cane.

The brunette is caned first. “Lift your skirt up…I see you are wearing regulation panties.” She wiggles them down, but goes for a mild spanking. OTK, avoiding the cane. Sarah is spanked next, also mildly. They must have had more than one film scheduled today.

U.S. Attitude’ (MF/2f; time: 14 minutes) Miss Valkerie and a guy will deal with two girls, Elizabeth Simpson and an American blonde. Apparently Simpson has developed some unattractive American traits and Valkerie is going to spank it out of both of them. Valkerie shows her implements. “I’m not joking.” She never jokes. 

Simpson is spanked first, with a heart-shaped leather paddle. Skirt up, black lace panties. The American blonde is dragged by the hair and spanked OTK next. 

The male character re-enters and takes Simpson OTK. Routine bare bottom spanking. The blonde returns, rather amused. She goes OTK, bare bottom, some pussy winks. The girls are being spanked for their manners and lack of respect. “Fuck!” she shouts. 

‘Valerie OTK’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) We appear to be in the ‘mansion’ we associate with Colin Baxter. Dark brunette Valerie, a mysterious Mediterranean beauty, wears a colorful striped blazer. Whatever she has done, after a long scolding she is OTK, regulation knickers down, a mild spanking by standards, tears wiped away. She is sent to a corner. Colin tucks her skirt to make sure her bottom is exposed.

‘Weekly Punishment Day’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) It happens on Wednesdays. Another appearance from Sally Carter, here with Elizabeth Simpson. A standard OTK couch spanking, kilt up, regulation schoolgirl knickers down, little white socks, a light smacking. Sally then kneels on the couch for a hairbrush, also light. They hug. 


Traveling Disciplinarian and Aristocrat – NORTHERNSPANKING

29 Apr

M/f; time: 16 minutes; year: 2012
A film made by ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ RESTRAINED ELEGANCE, together with NORTHERNSPANKING. ‘Niki Flynn’ is credited as on camera.

Amelia sits at a modern glass table in an airy eating room. A knock on the door, it is the character ‘Mr. Richards'(actor ‘Hywel Phillips’), a traveling disciplinarian. Amelia found his name in the yellow pages. She has some guilt, having cheated to win some kind of race, and does not deserve the prize money or the trophy.

Richards has come prepared, which is why he was called. He empties a bag of spanking implements on the table. “Kindly raise your skirt…panties down of course.” Amelia is her usual glamorous self in white blouse, tight beige skirt, and heels. She doesn’t hesitate. There are faint bruises on her bottom.

She squeals through and counts out 12 moderate snappy cane strokes. Richards adds a few more to encourage a more fervent promise that she will apologize. While she stands bent over the table with her panties down, Richards has her sign an acknowledgement of the caning. He demands she stay in position.

Richards packs and is about to leave, but decides Amelia does not seem sufficiently contrite, so he adds a few cane strokes and has her draft a letter of apology to be sent to the ‘Times.’

Richards leaves again; Amelia is supposed to stay in position, but she puts her panties up, sits and squeals, Richards hears it and returns to add a few cane strokes, just more time for Ms. Rutherford’s bottom to be featured.

Lesbian Lashes – CALSTAR

28 Apr

F/f; year: 2010 time: 28 minutes
Marginally insufferable stuff from American CALSTAR. Two smarmy girls, plenty of tattoos, go through silly lesbian CP exercises not worth detailing.

We presume someone thought there was a market for this stuff. While we subscribe to the ancient axiom that two girls are always better than one, pass on this one.

Hitch Hiker Spanked 2 – CALSTAR

28 Apr

M/f; time: 31 minutes
Some lightweight stuff, again from Americans ‘Jay Dee’ and ‘Kiri Kelly,’ of little note other than to be aware of what the seminal CP film industry was doing at this time in evolution.

Jay Dee picks up Kiri, a hitch hiker, flashing a lot of leg. He is playing his role here as a therapist. He takes her home, they plop down on a daybed, and when left alone, Kiri is immediately rummaging around to see what she can find. He brings her a drink, they chat, terrible acting. He takes notes on observations of her personality.

Jay thinks some attitude adjustment might work. “What kind of discipline do you suggest?” Kiri wants to know. He takes her OTK; she quite amused. Shorts and panties down fairly soon–at this point we suspend judgment on acting–we have seen in other films why Ms. Kelly was so successful in the early CP era, with NUWEST, CALSTAR, and others.

They go to a bedroom, where Kiri is going to spend the night. She is amused and critical of the décor. Jay is a bachelor. She undresses and goes to bed. Jay brings her some clothes which might suit.

An exterior shot; they leave the house and travel to a storefront spa, which Jay unlocks. He shows a piece of “chiropractic equipment,’ an aluminum platform designed to attach ankles and allow the occupant to hang upside down to stretch the back.

“Why don’t you take your dress off?” She assists in being fastened to the device; now she wears only panties, garter belt, and stockings. He pulls her panties down (actually up) as she hangs. He paddles, fondles, kisses, frigs. He is sweating; still making therapy notes.

Kiri kneels on the floor for more spanking, bottom up, dog in heat.


28 Apr

M/f; time: 30 minutes
We found this little gem, surely the CP actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ in her other persona as ‘Natasha.’ She will combine corporal punishment and more BDSM behavior in this film.

A Russian-type guy will be whipping her. She is wearing just a bra, garter belt, stockings, and panties. She kneels in a couch, hands on the wall, for a whipping. She shifts to the diaper position for attention to her thighs–much more aggressive than her CP films.

Natasha stands, the guy takes off her top and helps himself to her boobs. He ties her boobs with rope, BDSM style, swelling them, then slaps them with a flogger.

Panties down, he flogs her pussy–some struggling here. Arms tied behind her back, bend-over, more flogging. CUT. Garter belt back on, spread at the wall, more flogging. Natasha/Dublin shows more in this film than on her CP side.


28 Apr

M/f; time: 32 minutes
‘Niki Flynn,’ wearing a black outfit, jimmies the lock and enters the front door of a house. Now, we don’t mean to be picky, but cat burglars should be shimmying down drain pipes or vaulting rooftops. But the advantage here, Niki provides rear views as she enters and climbs the stairs, the camera following at waist level.

When she is looking through the jewelry she has found, the man of the house comes home. There is the anticipated discussion, Niki is hanging her head, and they decide on their own form of justice. Ms. Flynn is svelte and gym-thin here. Her hair is longer–shoulder length–we will have to fit this film into her chronology.

The guy takes her OTK–she will accept this. After a lengthy handspanking and perfunctory struggle from her, she stands, unzips the side, and drops her fashionable warmup pants. She wears a blue print thong. After a long spanking, what do you know, the guy has a crop readily at hand. She kneels on a straight chair–her bottom is fully naked, and the guy is quite impressed. When she stands, she checks her bottom. “I’m black and blue.” Hardly.

Niki and the homeowner are starting to have some fun. He steers her to a stripper’s pole, installed right there in the bedroom. He puts on music and Niki begins to undulate, not so bad at it. The warmup pants come off–they have zippers down both sides. The guy has pulled up a chair and watches intently. After the normal dance, and a rather mild one, Niki turns to hug the pole so that the guy can use a large soft flogger on her.

Niki takes her top off, no bra. Things are getting serious. He likes what he sees. He fastens around her neck the jewelry she was trying to steal, they caress.

Under Rhodesian Law – NUWEST NWV-077

28 Apr

MF/2f; year: 1983; time: 28 minutes
Very early stuff, the second-from-original opening graphics, and clunky and crude, to be sure. But as usual, NUWEST had the most demonic, creative mind, conjuring spankings in every circumstance we spankos might fantasize it.

Two British girls are arrested at Rhodesian customs for smuggling, and taken away. A narration explains that it is not unusual, especially for pretty girls, to be spanked by the police even before the court passes sentence. For these two big-haired brunettes, double jeopardy is assured. We’re good at it. The actors are very early NW paticipants, no familiar faces yet.

The girls are led off in handcuffs to the police. “Take your clothes off, now!” Now, these girls undress in a manner we would think more common. They remove their pantyhose and panties BEFORE they take their dresses off, as if someone might be down the hall with a Pardon. Breezy summer dresses off, no bras, full thatches of pubic hair-1983.

A female guard does a visual cavity search, the girls are re-cuffed, hands in front, then each naked girl is given a long naked ruler spanking OTK. Lots of kicking and squawking. Entertaining.

FADE to the courtroom; the judge scolds and sentences the girls to corporal punishment. Cut to a jail cell, just a bench behind a barred door. Another cut, the girls are naked again, and each will be whipped, bent over a stool on a pedestal, wrists fastened to lower rungs. The blocking is poor here, there are too many people in the shot. Justice served in Zimbabwe.

Wheel of Pain 3 – ELITEPAIN

28 Apr

MF/2f; time: 54 minutes
A painful little exercise from webmaster Maximilian Lomp; we thought e would log in, review one of these, and move on.

The spinning contest wheel is used to select spanking punishments–a theme used with more humor by RAVENHILL and others. MOOD has some wicked contests, and there are caning competitions at CALSTAR.

25 year old ‘Tatiyana’ will be the first contestant on this ‘show.’ The simple wheel has selections for what part of the body will be punished and with what implement. A rack holds about 15 familiar spanking tools.

Lomp explains the wheel and Tatiyana spins it–she draws being whipped with a martinet on the breasts. She takes the short whip off its hook and heads for the “challenge room.” FADE: she is naked and tied to a frame. A female, ‘Mandy,’ whips her boobs.

She returns to Lomp–the second spin is the cane on the pussy. Ouch.

Third spin; pussy again, a different cane. Tatiyana is strapped into the diaper position, so that most of this caning falls in the thighs. In this scene, looks like the actress can seen the strokes coming, because her bottom is gyrating when the cane strikes. Nasty marks, she is sweating.

Back to the wheel, Lomp wants to see her bottom. One more spin–front thighs with a martinet, very hard, huge marks, nasty.

A second girl–a sophisticated looking blonde, ‘Wendy.’ 27 years old. She goes through the same 5 spinning events and manages to avoid any attention to her bottom. Lomp sees to that with a crop “for a little extra money.” Handshake and she is gone.

Best of Brenda Marshall – NUWEST NWV-341

28 Apr

time: 30 minutes

Very early stuff from NUWEST, collected later in this catalogue #341, and set in a time before their regular cast members had assembled and before Ed Lee had begun cranking out his extensive spanking fantasies. The films collected here are even earlier.

In a 12 minute episode, Brenda and two other girls are paddled naked by another girl, presumably a sorority sister, given the Greek letters on the wall of the crude set. In another scene, three girls play musical chairs with the female sister, and Brenda loses every time. She is a thin thing, not one of the dynamic bottoms Lee was soon to connect with. But she was willing to take her pants off and risk a hard spanking, probably a big thing.

A segment with three naked girls and matrons; lots of pubic hair.

A long excerpt from ‘Convent Discipline’; six girls in parochial school uniforms serial-spanked by nuns in full habit.

‘Brenda’ and ‘Jean’ narrate and spank each other.

Brenda as the domme, using a toilet to sit on, spanks a blonde with a small paddle.

Nothing much new here; another historical document on just what Ed Lee and NUWEST contributed to the CP film industry. It is difficult to find a single idea anywhere that was not first explored in San Marcos.