County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings #1 – RAVENHILL

11 Apr

M/3f; time: 29 minutes

A fine example of the humor from RAVENHILL,in full cry. Three girls report to the country sheriff’s office. They have accepted spanking from the sheriff in lieu of prosecution. The girls sit in a narrow corridor, awaiting the door to open, sharing stories they have heard about what these spankings are like.

These scenes of nervous girls sitting waiting, bottoms wriggling on hard chairs, rank among our favorites. Lots of benches outside headmasters’ offices. At REALSPANKING girls fidget before being dragged into almost an execution. LUPUS’ waiting areas are the best.

Blond ‘Kelly Reilly’ was driving without a license; brunette ‘Brittany Smith’ did some vandalizing; and ‘Tiffany Anderson’ drank in public.

The ominous metal door slams open. Tierre Ainese plays ‘Sheriff Collins,’ dressed like a character from an old Burt Reynolds film. The girls have heard  he’s a bear, but we know that is mostly a teddy bear. Rumors are that the spankings are bare-bottom, bent over some kind of ‘table.’ The girls are informed of the county statute governing these spankings, and they each sign waivers for acceptance.

Brittany Smith is hustled through the door into the punishment room. “All right, young lady, pants down.” Brittany adjusts herself OTK and the sheriff takes her panties down immediately. He begins spanking; the girls waiting can hear the smacking and the cries. After this opening, Brittany, shuffles, her jeans and panties at her ankles, to a spanking trestle. The carpenters messed up the measurements on this one, because it is too tall to lean over, so Brittany rests against it while Sheriff Collins uses a Spencer paddle.

Her session complete, a tearful Brittany joins the girls in the corridor. Kelly Reilly goes next, a sexy frizzy blonde. Her spankings are the same. Cut occasionally to Brittany rubbing her bottom outside.

Tiffany Anderson comes in last for the same. In this first edition of the series, RAVENHILL did not vary the procedure. Things will change.

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