11 Apr

M/f; year:2008; time: 50 minutes 10 segments.
An appearance by ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in the lair of DALLAS, where they play for the camera–she is dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, or is she Bambi Woods from the seminal porn film ‘Debbie Does Dallas’? DSH makes no reference to that delicious early mass-market porn film, but one look at Amelia tells you she has seen the film. Here, Dallas claims to be able to influence a decision for her tryout with the cheerleaders’ organization.

A lovely young Amelia, with a lot of CP career in front of her, knocks at the cheerleaders’ door and admits herself. Dallas surpises her at whar she thought was her audition.He has heard some troubling things about her attitude. She’ll have to convince him she is worthy of his reference. “Are you gearing up to spank me?” she giggles. Dallas tells her the cheerleader managers are expecting her to show up for tonight’s final tryout with a red bottom. The first clip ends: “Now she knows she is going to be spanked.”

“Switched into high Gear. She is a hot lady.” Dallas has Amelia perform. “Turn around, shake your booty.” Pom-poms, and that bottom! She pretends to resist doing these demeaning female gestures. “I can’t I can’t!” When they stand together, a comparison Ms. Rutherford will avoid in most of her films, she appears 6″ taller than Dallas. With her back to the camera, Dallas pulls down her white Hot Pants and snaps at her bare bottom with a cane.

“Now some more with the switch.” In this clip, Amelia is lying on the leather couch, her pants at her thighs, her bottom soaring, the cool leather against bare skin. This leather couch pose, here with the right girl, is found throughout adult films. We remember a furniture advertisement with this exact pose, but here, Amelia’s pants are where we imagined they could be. He nips at her bottom with the cane. “It hurts,” she says to us in the camera. Mild marks, glorious cheeks. Her cheerleader routine will improve as the cane intensity does. The graphic reads: “On to the plexi-cane.”

‘She Hated the Cane’ Dallas uses a plexiglass cane here. Amelia lies flat on the couch, tall enough that the cushions had to be rearranged to accommodate her. He proceeds with a mild caning; her hot pants are at her thighs–she suffers as Amelia likes to do, wriggling around. Long facials and conversation to occupy the film time with something other than whipping. “I’m not psychologically prepared to take the cane.”

Dallas sets up a straight chair in the middle of the room. After some bare-bottom corner time, subtly lit by some floor spotlights, Amelia goes OTK for a vanity-mirror sized hard wood paddle, then she kneels for a strap. Vitamin E aloe is added and renewed during these spankings, and Amelia knows its rejuvenative effect only increases her misery. And a session with a hard wood Spencer paddle.

Onto the couch again, bolster under her glorious bottom, blushing and slick, the most significant strapping yet, and probably the sequence prompting DSH to tell us this is Amelia’s most severe career spanking.

“Finish with the Hand’ More aloe, she is arranged OTK; he takes his ring off–“I’m not a total bastard.” More moderate colorful handspanking, the focus always her glamorous self.

‘Now It’s Time to Burn Her Awesome Bottom’ He bottom is shiny from aloe and red from spanking. She gets a long and increasing hard handspanking in this final 7 minute segment. At the conclusion, she keeps her bottom prominent and posed as she regains composure.

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