Pixie’s Leather Lesson 1 and 2 – DALLASSPANKSHARD

11 Apr

Year:2011; M/f; 10 minute and 11 minutes

The celebrated strawberry blond CP actress’s visit to DALLAS’ lair. He greets her at the door. “Do you know why you are here?” What is a girl to say? She has been sent to him for discipline; she has been having problems at home. Long scolding on the couch. The frizzy blond CP pro wears a pink top and jeans.

“Go over there in the corner and bare your bottom.” She drops and kicks off her jeans, and then after a pause, pulls down her sky-blue panties. Hands-on-head, Dallas is going to make her wait alone for a while. This is part of his humiliation process.

Dissolve: He returns with spanking implements. Pixie is brought to the padded spanking bench and shown the tools. In this first episode, she gets the strap, bent over, hands on the bench. She gasps from the first stroke. We have admired her wide hips and powerful thighs before.

Part 2: Pixie is already bent over, her pants off. Before anything else, Dallas applies his aloe gel to her pinkish bottom. “Nice cold gel,” elicits a little twitch from Pixie. She hands Dallas a strap with some apprehension on her face. She knows this gel, which may protect her skin, just increases the difficulty of a spanking.

Dallas straps her rapidly. She twitches from side to side, some restless-leg quivering. Pixie the actress is a joy to watch.

DISSOLVE. More aloe for Pixie, still bent over, more of the strap, her boobs jiggle in her loose pink top. Red face, strawberry blond complexion, tears, you could easily imagine here that she is focusing on the time of her departing flight from California. Facial inserts as the strap smacks.

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