Sergeant Spiteful’s Payback Day – CALSTAR

11 Apr

year: 2002; 4F/4f; time: 60 minutes

Three girls in olive drab uniforms and T-shirts, ‘Cadets,’ jog along a road, dodging mud puddles. ‘Sergeant Spiteful’ (the experienced ‘Dublin O’Brien’) has been waiting and jumps the girls, slow and late out on their run.

Into the barracks; “We’re cold.” “You’re cold? Take your clothes off, now!” When the girls get down to just their panties, they pause, hopeful, as many a girl tries to be in these films. “Strip off.” Now the girls are naked but for boots and caps. Silly but cute. The sergeant will put them through paces, starting with marching in place. Not bad when done naked.

FLASHBACK; it seems the above hazing of these three cadets is payback for what happened the day before, depicted here. The three girls, having to do exercises for the sergeant, jump and overwhelm her, getting her OTK, her trousers down. They all spank her, getting her black net panties down in due course. In various postures, the three girls paddle, strap, and cane their sergeant. What are they thinking?

FLASH FORWARD; payback continues. The naked girls do more marching. Then the sergeant takes them one at a time, for the usual sequence of spanking, paddling, and caning. Obliques detect a few welts, suggesting this seemingly playful exercise may have stung. Occasional frontal glimpses; the boots and little hats survive.

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