Judicial Spanking – REALSPANKING

12 Apr

M/f; time: 22 minutes

On occasion, webmaster Michael Masterson deviated from the ‘Institute’ environs and created a CP story not specifically about one of his models.

Here, a girl is led shuffling down a concrete corridor, shackled, at the ankles and wrists. The moment reminds us of prison scenes in MISS MARCHMONT, LUPUS, or RAVENHILL, this depiction just as erotic as any, enhanced by institutional sound effects. The girl is led into a cellar-like room to a chain link enclosure; the spanking bench sits at the side.

Masterson unshackles her. “Remove your clothing.” When the tall thin brunette has hung her clothes on a waiting clothes tree and is naked, Masterson inspects her, so that we can also. He puts the naked girl in the wire cage to wait until the witnesses and the video camera arrives. She peers out through the chain links, very good. Metal, concrete, harsh light, bare skin.

The witnesses and video camera arrive, off-screen. Masterson documents for the filming–‘Monica Brown’ has agreed to corporal punishment in lieu of 6 months in jail. Monica is brought out and tied down to RSN’s dungeon, and very slowly, the bench is not fitted out with straps. There are occasional cuts to a ceiling surveillance camera, another nice touch from RSN.

Masterson starts with the punishment strap on Monica’s elevated and helpless bottom. Her grunts and cries put us in mind of some of the European tennis players. She is not embarrassed who hears it. Masterson shifts to a larger stiffened strap and is achieving large bruises.

Masterson unfastens a few straps, just why? Maybe to allow Monica to surge around a little, because he now selects a cane from a collection in the corner. The camera catches facials through the chain link.

12 strokes with the preferred cane; Monica’s howls are up a few notches. A full pattern of redness, bruises, stripes, and white lines. bottom. Hold on her bottom. Masterson slowly unties her. She is manacled again and put back in the cage, naked. When she tries to sit on a small stool, she winces and decides to stand. You wonder why this moment is not more common in CP films.

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