12 Apr

2M/2f; year: 2012; time: 37 minutes

‘Chapter 1 Pandora’s Initiation’: An odd film, combining ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ BDSM and CP personas. She performs here with ‘Hywel Phillips,’ her future husband, and ‘Thomas Cameron,’ a trusted custodian of her bottom from her FIRMHAND days. Webmistress ‘Pandora Blake’ plays a part–all characters familiar with each other,

Amelia and Pandora are acting as slaves for the men, the BDSM side. Amelia crawls around the room, all bottom, and that is easy if you are 6’2″ with a chassis like hers. She selects a paddle for Hywel to tease her with. Cameron joins to watch the paddling. Hywel has worked her pants down, and her white bottom is elevated and lit in the otherwise dimly lit scene.

Pandora arrives and courtesies, to begin her initiation into this scene. First, she is ordered to strip. Amelia enjoys her embarrassment. Cameron takes her OTK and spanks her on her slip, then white panties. Soon she is naked–having removed the foundation-style undies, not party stuff.

Now Pandora kneels, selects a spanking implement from the choice offered, and Hywel puts a padded collar and cuffs on her. Amelia has stripped off her own gauzy top and sarong and is herself down to black undies, but much more festive–this actress knows how to do it. Both girls crawl around; Amelia ties Pandora with soft rope, her boobs protruding BDSM style, but without hard knots or the sharp edge.  Ms. Rutherford has advertised on her website that she is a “rigger.”

Amelia lies on a table and Cameron drips red candle wax on her. She then kneels for a martinet on her back and buttocks, a bit more puss here from her than usual. She is on her haunches, her specialty, having pulled down her leopard print panties.

Pandora Fetches clamps for her nipples by crawling to get them and climbs onto the tsble for a mild caning from both men. Nothing much else here. There must be a part 2 and hopefully some action.

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