Cheater Gets A Whipping – RAVENHILL

13 Apr

M/f; time: 24 minutes

Another film made by other than the familiar RAVENHILL staff in a serial format; here, a girl is stalked by two cars of guys and grabbed off the street. They wrestle with her in the back seat of a sedan, as filmed by a video camera from the front seat. They tell the girl: “We’ve been hired by your husband to teach you a lesson.”

The struggles continue, possibly visible in heavy traffic. The girl is taken back to an office, where her discipline will be filmed. One of the scuzzy guys holds a business card to the camera. “Agents of S-P-A-N-K Interrogation Center.” In fact, this theme might well have become a series idea for RH, girls taken for instruction by a hired disciplinarian.

The girl is made to take off her top and bra. OTK, skirt up, panties down. Another guy is watching the action on a TV monitor. The rest of her clothes come off, she is held down on a bed for the belt. Facial and bottom closeups; she is wrestled into the diaper position for more belt and cane. The S-P-A-N-K business card is filmed to close the video.

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