13 Apr

F/2f; time: 14 minutes

‘Miss Hastings-Gore’ has two schoolgirls under her control in a classroom. The girls wear plaid pinafores. The girls have been caught stealing. “I can expel you or I can deal with it with the cane…you’re going to get them hard across your bottom.”

The little redhead first–she bends over and raises her skirt. Hastings-Gore starts on her knickers. 6 strokes shown, with almost back to back repeats from two different cameras. Loud cries help identify the repeats, but really, ouch! Then about 8 strokes on the bare. The girl is sent to the wall and has to pin a money note to the bricks with her nose.

Blond Richardson is next, she gets the ping pong paddle on her white knickers, because she has been goofing around in the gym. Down come the panties for the cane. 12 strokes with repeats on the bare, begun with a little warmup handspanking.

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