Enema Discipline #1 – NU-WEST NWV-272

13 Apr

M/2f; time: 59 minutes

A very long film, where the camera is kept running during administrative down time and setup, providing a refreshing glimpse of  actors in the process of making a film.

A greying ponytailed Ed Lee walks onto the set, snapping his dogwhip. A harness hangs from the ceiling. Statuesque ‘Karen’ walks on. “Get undressed.” She strips naked, matter-of-fact, as if she were at the gym. Lee, sipping his cocktail, fastens her wrists to a spreader bar hanging down, and inserts another bar between her ankles. Karen is one of those stunning Vegas girls who supports long closeups just for study.

He proceeds with his standard whipping, not clearly seen because of poor production values. He pauses the whipping and services Karen with an electric massager, attached by a cord to the wall. Then he lubricates and works her with a dildo. Back to the whip, then more of the massager and dildo, until finally Karen begins to gasp from the sensory overload.

FADE. Enema time for Karen. She reports to the set again, where a gurney is set up. She strips naked again and climbs onto the end of the table, facing us, on her knees, head down, at the far end of the table, almost praying. She has kept on her white heels. We’d have to say, that if this procedure were to have been done in a hospital, so many Residents would have appeared the action would have had to be shifted to an ampitheater. Another comment on this posture, our first fear was that NU-WEST would screw up the camera angles.

But the angle switches–thankfully, someone has come around with a camera and we have the bottom closeup. The enema paraphernalia is already set up, so Lee quickly inserts a small tube–he spares Karen  one of those more entertaining nozzles you see from time to time. The camera holds on the bag on the trolley as the milky liquid drains–we don’t worry about the authenticity. A naked Karen is all we need. Lee is working her without gloves.

CUT to a new scene. Model ‘Katie’ arrives at the NU-WEST office and is greeted by ‘Vanna.’ She looks a little sullen, which she does well. She has sent a letter to Ed Lee, asking to be spanked, treated like a naughty little girl, and given an enema. This would be the place. Ed joins with the document and has her read it aloud for the camera.

Vanna and Katie go to the dressing room and select schoolgirl clothes. Quite a lot of time is taken accomplishing this, time which could have been edited out were this film not intended to be a sort of journal of the event. We do get to watch Katie undress and examine herself in the mirror, long ad lib dialogue. Katie’s hair is longer and more blondish here. These informal poses illustrate how diminutive she actually is.

They walk onto the sound stage. Film time is taken while they rearrange the furniture and set up a gurney. Cinema Verite. Before the enema starts, Lee gives Katie a short OTK spanking on a couch, but hard–she squeals immediately.

Katie stands in front of the gurney Vanna has assembled. Lee gives Katie a disposable enema bag and a vial of medicine. Katie fills the bag at a sink and pours in the additive. Lee has to prevent her from underfilling the bag and reducing the quantity of the fluid and the fun.

Lee puts on his rubber gloves, and ‘schoogirl’ Katie climbs onto the gurney. After exquisite delays for this and that, he finally reaches to pull down her panties. The camera lights seem to be flickering off and on, which Lee notes and encourages the filming to continue. (Again, we wonder about the size of the archives of failed films.)

First we need a rectal temperature. Lee opens a disposable thermometer and slowly inserts it, motioning the ‘camera person’ to come closer. He pulls the thermometer out with some ceremony but can’t read what it says. But Katie is good to go.

Lee inserts the enema tube, telling Katie to request pauses when she needs a break. She promptly begins to complain, even before the liquid is flowing. Some starts and stops. She is calling him “Dave,” in fact his real name.

After a delightful interval, the tube is pulled and they check her distended belly. Not so bad. She is allowed to scuttle to the John, where there is a long but harmless evacuation scene.

We have praised Katie through all of Lee’s fetishes; this is one of the best. And we enjoyed the real-life film style.

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