13 Apr

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A film made by Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford for legal circulation under a new British pornography law, controlling distribution of CP films. After a four-minute narration from the couple on the deleterious effects of the law and the fund-raising appeal, the little film begins.

Amelia, as an alter-persona ‘Ariel Anderssen,’ plays a traveler caught with cannabis in a foreign country and ‘Michael Stamp’ is a law enforcer. “Good morning, Miss Rutherford, you have been convicted of possession of cannabis.” Stamp explains a choice available–“24 strokes of the cane on your bare buttocks” or a prison term. When Amelia hears that canings are most probable in prison anyway, she elects the 24 strokes. She will follow him to the punishment room. “Now?”

There are many films where the camera studies the girl as she weighs a spanking versus other punishment. The maturing Ms. Rutherford does this acting as well as anyone. They move to an adjacent room, a colorfully decorated space with an artistic padded raised vaulting bench in the center. Not a storeroom or a cellar here. she must read aloud her sentence from the printed decree.

“Now strip. Take off all your clothing.” There is that moment of shock–this part was not explained to her. Mentally, she runs through her choices, but she proceeds, and slowly, until she is nude, handing him her panties in final surrender. As many times as we have watched her do something like this, we find another occasion which seems the best. The camera slowly pans in closeup, those freckles, and a trimmed beaver.

Amelia bends over the center of the bench, which is waist-high, accenting her long legs and of course presenting one of the most celebrated bottoms in the business. In condensed filming, Stamp fastens her ankles, knees, lower back, and wrists, with the same strap-rattling tension LUPUS did so well in the headmaster’s office.

Stamp lays on 24 strokes, he announces each one and counts aloud. Amelia squawks louder and longer than usual–they are alone here. Sophisticated camera angles, especially a shard closeup oblique of the welts and stripes, and blond body fuzz,which you can almost feel.

Amelia is slowly unfastened, again slowly, her wrists last to prolong the bend-over; she stands in front of Stamp, towering 6″ over him, and buck naked, shakes his hand to thank him. One more thing, “Kiss the cane.”

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