County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings #2 – RAVENHILL

18 Apr

M/3f; time: 55 minutes

RAVENHILL refines and improves its laconic series; where girls are sent to the sheriff for corporal punishment in lieu of prosecution for petty crimes. Business must be good, because this time, outside Sheriff Collins’ office there now a ROW of chairs for girls to wait.

‘Alyssa Cook’ awaits her appointment, and little brunette ‘Megan Summers’ arrives with a companion, her flashy and pretty blond sister. They are discussing what they have heard about this spanking stuff and that Collins can be quite a beast.

Collins opens the metal door–it is webmaster ‘Tierre Ainese,’ resplendent and unabashedly joyful in his Halloween sheriff’s uniform. He explains the law and the procedure. Megan Summers will go into the punishment room first; for her sister to attend and observe, she must fill out a form, which she does by conversing with a clerk through a little window on the wall, almost as if she were betting $2 on Beetle Bomb to show in the 4th.

The blonde is on the upper end of the scale for attractive girls RAVENHILL has hired, except that she too missed most of her acting classes. We have learned that any female bottom which walks onto the RH soundstage is in danger.

Reluctant, reticent Megan is taken into the punishment room, with her sister. “Skirt up, panties down.” Sister is already horrified. OTK, squeals.

Megan is directed to the “horse.” This particular padded spanking trestle is of more manageable height, and when Megan climbs over it, her feet dangle invitingly and she is more exposed in the necessary ways for a CP film, properly ‘horsed.’ Collins uses a home-made Spencer paddle. Megan finishes and takes her tears outside, with her sister.

Alyssa Cook is escorted in for the same process. When she is led back to the waiting area, the Summers’ are still there. It seems blondie’s car was about to be impounded for parking tickets. The parking authority has suggested she adjudicate something with the sheriff.

Collins will actually be kind here. They are so many choices he had, and Sis had so little leverage. The girl herself suggests a spanking and gets the same OTK and trestle experience; she is a delightful sight in her breezy red dress and jewelry.

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