Maid For Punishment – RAVENHILL

18 Apr

M/f; time: 34 minutes

Several CP producers have floated this title; no new ground will be broken here.

A blonde from ‘Ajax Cleaning Service,’ wearing one of those fetish/Halloween black satin Maid’s outfits with the doily-like lace trim, and sporting her own cleaning tools, arrives at a house. A bachelor-type guy, dressed for work, shows her the party mess at his place, tells her what he wants done, and warns her that he has had trouble with her agency before. Off to work.

The maid immediately calls a friend, turns on the TV, and seems to fall asleep for the rest of the day, without doing any work. The guy returns home and is furious, as you would expect. This is a CP film.
He rejects her silly apologies, “Sorry is not enough,” he pronounces, the official prologue to the commencement of corporal punishment.
He agrees not to call her employer. The spanking begins, ineffectual. Skirt up, panties down. He takes her into what must be a garage portion and bends her over a motorcycle for a Spencer paddle. Into the diaper position on a bear skin rug (in a garage?). Lots of puss.

In the laundry room, garments are scattered everywhere. He spanks her here with a dust brush. Nothing much more of note here from RAVENHILL.

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