Discipline in Russia #40 – After the Ball – NETTLES

20 Apr

M/f; time: 40 minutes
‘Nikita’ and ‘Nadezda Dozorova,’ in their roles as the Count and Countess Razumovski, are upset with a serf employee of theirs, ‘Glasha,’ who has embarrassed them in some public performance. Nitika is concerned that serfs are getting out of hand in the region. Everyone in the film will wear comical period clothing. Being a dry cleaner must have been lucrative.

He and the countess decide that the girl should be given a whipping, preceded by a night of bondage in their “torture chamber.” They summon their stableman ‘Ignat’ to do the punishment; he has been fucking her anyway, so he should be good at it. They describe him as having “crazy eyes and a big dick.”

Ignat arrives, and Glasha enters, a small auburn-haired girl. He is to give her “40 strokes, but tie her up all night first.” She falls on her knees begging, but to no avail. She is ordered to strip naked. The count and countess are quite amused by these proceedings; they discuss the Marquis de sade and there is some suggestion of bedroom action after Glasha’s ordeal.

Ignat carries the naked Glasha off, like a sack of grain. The torture chamber is simply the same high-ceiling’d ‘ballroom’ we have often seen, with its ‘H’ frame. In a cut, Glasha is bound hanging by complicated knots from the frame. Would not be nice if it were for all night.

“Next Morning”: Glasha is now strung up naked and being flogged on her front by Ignat. Erotic but harmless. Another cut–she is tied face-down and receiving her 40 strokes, which are condensed and the action aided by the cosmetics department, but not a nice day for Glasha. The count and countess are charged up now and head off.

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