Discipline in Russia #30 -Private Grammar School 1 – NETTLES

21 Apr

M/3f; time: 56 minutes

Part 1 of this 2-part story. Headmistress ‘Nadeszda,’ new teacher ‘Ivan’ (“Nikita’), ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ as the PE teacher with the big biceps and good backswing, and helpless students ‘Irina,”Elena, and ‘Tatiana.’

Half this first film is taken up with Gerry teasing and tormenting the girls, having them strip and change, and putting them through some PE exercises, squats and goose walk. He especially likes forcing these when the girls have no pants on.

After these revealing exercises, the girls strip again in another undressing scene, put on school uniforms, and report to the headmistress.

Cut to her office; she is in earnest discussion with new staffer Ivan, and seeking his advice. It seems the girls taunted Gerry with a little harmless seduction, ass-wiggling, as if he needed any such thing, given what he just had them do. Nadeszda thinks a flogging might help, and Ivan fights to disguise his joy at the idea.

The girls are marched in, accompanied by Gerry. Nadya announces the charges against the girls. The girls will receive a “rattan stick” tomorrow at 6 PM. [an annoying car alarm keeps ringing–what didn’t they stop?] The girls argue, dispute, even beg, then fight among themselves over who created this mess.

Cut to the punishment room the next day. Thin brunette Tatiana will be punished in this segment. Ivan is on hand to observe and maybe to learn.
The girl strips naked and the caning begins, after 39 minutes of detailed, brilliant exposition and character development.

Gerry does the caning; over 40 strokes will be called on the subtitles. Tatiana jumps around a lot; the cosmetics crew helps out a bit; tears, rubbing, nasty. Toward the end of the session, an oblique shot seems to depict that her buttocks are swollen out of shape. Ivan must be having orgasms.

Tatiana stands naked at the wall–a thorough job was done. Elena and Irina are brought in, to be dealt with in part 2. They take obvious looks at Tatiana’s wrecked bottom.

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