Debra-Beautiful, Blond, and Severely Caned – NUWEST

22 Apr

M/f; time: 19 minutes
Our spell-check does not like NU-WEST’s title, which we retain. Part of the fun of this always amusing and entertaining crew. ‘Debra,’ who went on to manage NU-WEST and marry the eponymous persona ‘Ed Lee,’ according to what we read, and who may have been interested enough to correspond with us, is at her most powerful here.

Debra narrates; a woman has been charged with luring little boys into her house. She stands, police  line-up style, in front of the brick wall in another part of the NW studio. She will be stripped and caned for the offense. Debra walks onto the NW soundstage. She wears a white two-piece suit. She removes the jacket and skirt. She is not wearing a bra or panties, and is now in just garter belt, stockings, and heels. We’ve said before–she radiates enough female for a squad of Marines.

Lee walks on-set, handcuffs her wrists behind her back, leads her under a hanging rope from the ceiling, spreads her ankles with a spreader bar, fastens the rope to her cuffs, and hauls her tight, strappado style. She squeals here, the first human sound. We loved the mechanical sound of the hand-operated winch used to haul her up. We’ve described the electrical remote control investment which occurred later.

Lee takes a cane off nails and begins whipping her. We counted about 35 strokes. She gasps and begs, maybe a touch too melodramatically, but that is some bottom twitching there. And with no bra, her hanging boobs in this posture will fascinate any fetishist.

The caning is repeated from a ceiling CAM. The resolution of this earlier film is not sharp, but we had a wonderful time.

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