Improving Circulation – NORTHENSPANKING

22 Apr

M/2f; year: 2014; time: 41 minutes
NORTHERNSPANKING released this story in six episodes. It features ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ ‘Caroline Grey,’ and ‘Stephen Lewis.’ It is not their most imaginative.

Caroline and Amelia are reporters for a Surrey newspaper and find ways to get into heated discussion on what to do to increase circulation. Lewis, a consultant or executive sent to determine what can be done, enters the room and, after appropriate niceties, has to endure the girls’ continuing bickering. Amelia is cast as the most aggressive and argumentative, which of course in intended to enhance the tension of the subsequent action.

Lewis cannot penetrate their shouting squabble, so he simply leaves and returns with his spanking implements. He grabs Caroline first and throws her over the office couch. With a paddle and crop, he spanks, gets her full white knickers down. The girls’ chagrin is overcome by their curiosity, and their arguing does not abate.

Amelia’s turn. “Drop the trousers, please.” Amelia at first refuses to discuss newspaper practice with her pants at her knees, but soon she is getting spanked like Caroline. She gets the paddle and crop, Caroline is pulled back in, and Lewis eventually has both bottoms bared over the back ofthe couch.

The storyline is a bit implausible; the girls are converting this experience into ‘discipline in the workplace.’ and making journalistic observations about the spankings. In the year 2014, Amelia has curled her long flaxen hair and Lewis is a bit heavier. The metaphor of the title is not quite realized.

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