Best of Brenda Marshall – NUWEST NWV-341

28 Apr

time: 30 minutes

Very early stuff from NUWEST, collected later in this catalogue #341, and set in a time before their regular cast members had assembled and before Ed Lee had begun cranking out his extensive spanking fantasies. The films collected here are even earlier.

In a 12 minute episode, Brenda and two other girls are paddled naked by another girl, presumably a sorority sister, given the Greek letters on the wall of the crude set. In another scene, three girls play musical chairs with the female sister, and Brenda loses every time. She is a thin thing, not one of the dynamic bottoms Lee was soon to connect with. But she was willing to take her pants off and risk a hard spanking, probably a big thing.

A segment with three naked girls and matrons; lots of pubic hair.

A long excerpt from ‘Convent Discipline’; six girls in parochial school uniforms serial-spanked by nuns in full habit.

‘Brenda’ and ‘Jean’ narrate and spank each other.

Brenda as the domme, using a toilet to sit on, spanks a blonde with a small paddle.

Nothing much new here; another historical document on just what Ed Lee and NUWEST contributed to the CP film industry. It is difficult to find a single idea anywhere that was not first explored in San Marcos.

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