28 Apr

M/f; time: 32 minutes
‘Niki Flynn,’ wearing a black outfit, jimmies the lock and enters the front door of a house. Now, we don’t mean to be picky, but cat burglars should be shimmying down drain pipes or vaulting rooftops. But the advantage here, Niki provides rear views as she enters and climbs the stairs, the camera following at waist level.

When she is looking through the jewelry she has found, the man of the house comes home. There is the anticipated discussion, Niki is hanging her head, and they decide on their own form of justice. Ms. Flynn is svelte and gym-thin here. Her hair is longer–shoulder length–we will have to fit this film into her chronology.

The guy takes her OTK–she will accept this. After a lengthy handspanking and perfunctory struggle from her, she stands, unzips the side, and drops her fashionable warmup pants. She wears a blue print thong. After a long spanking, what do you know, the guy has a crop readily at hand. She kneels on a straight chair–her bottom is fully naked, and the guy is quite impressed. When she stands, she checks her bottom. “I’m black and blue.” Hardly.

Niki and the homeowner are starting to have some fun. He steers her to a stripper’s pole, installed right there in the bedroom. He puts on music and Niki begins to undulate, not so bad at it. The warmup pants come off–they have zippers down both sides. The guy has pulled up a chair and watches intently. After the normal dance, and a rather mild one, Niki turns to hug the pole so that the guy can use a large soft flogger on her.

Niki takes her top off, no bra. Things are getting serious. He likes what he sees. He fastens around her neck the jewelry she was trying to steal, they caress.

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