Hitch Hiker Spanked 2 – CALSTAR

28 Apr

M/f; time: 31 minutes
Some lightweight stuff, again from Americans ‘Jay Dee’ and ‘Kiri Kelly,’ of little note other than to be aware of what the seminal CP film industry was doing at this time in evolution.

Jay Dee picks up Kiri, a hitch hiker, flashing a lot of leg. He is playing his role here as a therapist. He takes her home, they plop down on a daybed, and when left alone, Kiri is immediately rummaging around to see what she can find. He brings her a drink, they chat, terrible acting. He takes notes on observations of her personality.

Jay thinks some attitude adjustment might work. “What kind of discipline do you suggest?” Kiri wants to know. He takes her OTK; she quite amused. Shorts and panties down fairly soon–at this point we suspend judgment on acting–we have seen in other films why Ms. Kelly was so successful in the early CP era, with NUWEST, CALSTAR, and others.

They go to a bedroom, where Kiri is going to spend the night. She is amused and critical of the décor. Jay is a bachelor. She undresses and goes to bed. Jay brings her some clothes which might suit.

An exterior shot; they leave the house and travel to a storefront spa, which Jay unlocks. He shows a piece of “chiropractic equipment,’ an aluminum platform designed to attach ankles and allow the occupant to hang upside down to stretch the back.

“Why don’t you take your dress off?” She assists in being fastened to the device; now she wears only panties, garter belt, and stockings. He pulls her panties down (actually up) as she hangs. He paddles, fondles, kisses, frigs. He is sweating; still making therapy notes.

Kiri kneels on the floor for more spanking, bottom up, dog in heat.

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