Under Rhodesian Law – NUWEST NWV-077

28 Apr

MF/2f; year: 1983; time: 28 minutes
Very early stuff, the second-from-original opening graphics, and clunky and crude, to be sure. But as usual, NUWEST had the most demonic, creative mind, conjuring spankings in every circumstance we spankos might fantasize it.

Two British girls are arrested at Rhodesian customs for smuggling, and taken away. A narration explains that it is not unusual, especially for pretty girls, to be spanked by the police even before the court passes sentence. For these two big-haired brunettes, double jeopardy is assured. We’re good at it. The actors are very early NW paticipants, no familiar faces yet.

The girls are led off in handcuffs to the police. “Take your clothes off, now!” Now, these girls undress in a manner we would think more common. They remove their pantyhose and panties BEFORE they take their dresses off, as if someone might be down the hall with a Pardon. Breezy summer dresses off, no bras, full thatches of pubic hair-1983.

A female guard does a visual cavity search, the girls are re-cuffed, hands in front, then each naked girl is given a long naked ruler spanking OTK. Lots of kicking and squawking. Entertaining.

FADE to the courtroom; the judge scolds and sentences the girls to corporal punishment. Cut to a jail cell, just a bench behind a barred door. Another cut, the girls are naked again, and each will be whipped, bent over a stool on a pedestal, wrists fastened to lower rungs. The blocking is poor here, there are too many people in the shot. Justice served in Zimbabwe.

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