28 Apr

MF/3f; year: 2009; time:2 hours
We have subscribed to NORTHERNSPANKING and pieced together a number of films. This is a difficult website, and so say a number of observers, and we confirm. Many of the well-known British CP stars paid visits to this Glascow, Scotland company. We will be reviewing a dozen or so of their films, ones featuring actresses we have preferred. We are amateur enthusiasts.

This 15-part story is perhaps NORTHERNSPANKING’s most ambitious work. The cast is large–Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia-Ann Woods, Niki Flynn, Amy Hunter, and Stephen Lewis.

1.’Friday Evening’ The girls arrive on a cold night at a retreat, ‘Wheatley Manor.’ Amelia establishes her petulant persona even on the doorstep by being impatient at having to wait in the cold. Amy Hunter, trying to play the dour domme, greets them, escorts them to a parlor, and begins explaining the ‘regime’ to them. They snicker.

The girls are asked to strip and hand over their clothes. Leia and Niki are agreeable, but Amelia sets up one of her histrionic squawks. We’re happy with this, because that bottom of hers awaits. She stomps out of the room, there is a tussle in the hall with the footman (was it Stephen Lewis in a tri-color wig?), and she returns.

“Now strip!” Leia and Niki urge Amelia to cooperate and they begin undressing. Leia and Niki strip down to just knickers and do that hopeful pause found in the CP film literature, but off they must come. Very nice.
Amelia shrugs in capitulation and strips, albeit defiantly. With her pink, perfect 6’2″ frame, she soars in this group.


Amy inspects the naked girls. “Hands at your sides.” She is amused by Amelia’s little pubic thatch. “Your nether region is…brazen.” Amelia presents yet another one of her versions of pubic style. We wonder who does her work? Is there a text?

The girls are given ‘uniforms,’ simple white knickers and white gymslips, which they will wear for most of the film. But first, naked Amelia is pushed to the mantel and Amy gives her a brief spanking. “Stop it! This is ludicrous.” (only Ms. Rutherford says these things.) The girls must wear colored ribbon chokers, signifying their personalities. They are marched to their rooms.

2. Amelia, Niki, and Leia have been put in their room, in their little white skivvies and identifiying ribbons. The girls will be called out one at a time for their continuing indoctrination.

Leia goes first and meets Stephen Lewis in an adjoining office. They seem to know each other. “You know the drill.” She immediately puts on a little schoolgirl outfit and bends over the desk, offering her bottom for Lewis’ cane. Amelia and Niki can hear the muffled conversation and the caning. They discover–Leia has been to the manor before, receives preferential treatment, and this caning is probably a tuneup. Amelia also surmises Leia might be getting a “finder’s fee” for bringing two girls.

The caning is moderate–first on white panties, then on the bare. Leia is built to flash plenty of puss when she bends over. She is nifty and trim in this little posture–got to admire these working CP film girls and the gym time they must spend. Dialogue will take these actresses only so far.

Niki can hear that she will be called next. Leia removes the uniform. rehangs it, and returns to the huddled, apprehensive girls. Amelia’s advice to Niki: “Just walk out if you don’t like it.” We know that won’t work–Amelia tried it downstairs. Niki has that defeated look of a prisoner about to climb the ladder, summoned for interview by the Spanish Inquisition. One of her great faces.

3. Niki sheepishly knocks on Lewis’ office door. She plays very vulnerable in just her little gymslip and panties. Lewis brandishes his cane. “What kind of place is this?” Lewis orders her to put on the uniform. We saw in the drawing room she is a pushover and is caving already. “I’m really nervous.”

Back in the adjacent room, Leia drops her knickers and shows Amelia her cane marks. “Oh, gosh.” Leia is scrambling and trying to justify her recent visits to Wheatley as having given her the personal resolve to soldier on to her goals. Is that what spankings can do? We need more clinics.

Niki puts on the same school uniform and describes how she failed to become a ballerina, a sort of confession to a man holding the motivating cane. Lewis points out that Niki has cut her hair short because she has lost her feminine esteem.

Bend over the desk, school skirt up, the weakest peep of protest. A crisp caning on the panties and on the bare. Listening to these more graphic sounds, Amelia doesn’t see how this is “recognized therapy.” Ms. Flynn is also a delectable specimen wearing next to nothing.

Niki rehangs the uniform and is welcomed by hugs from her friends.

4. Now Amelia reports to Lewis and she is breathing fire. “I’m not interested in your rules….they’re arbitrary and freakish.” She refuses to wear her attitude ribbon around her neck, but she capitulates after just a moment of argument. Amelia is weakening. Niki has pointed out before, downstairs, it’s just a spanking. Amelia signs a waiver, “allows me carte blanche.”

Amelia puts on the school uniform–for her it’s challenge, much too small. Next door, Leia wonders (their whispers have been cleverly subtitled) how long it will be before Amelia is broken. She gets her attitudinal scolding from Lewis also–he tells her she chooses only friends she can intimidate.

“Stand up.” “Are you going to hit me with that now?” Amelia bends over without further dispute, “just to show you I am not afraid.” Skirt up, the first cane stroke stops chatter mid-sentence. Fingers under the elastic of her panties. “Oh, hey!” When the brief caning is finished, she makes sure to flash a brief frontal as she changes. “All right,” she says, “I believe you.”

5. When Amelia is having her turn with Lewis, Niki and Leia share how dominant and controlling she can be. They go to Amelia’s room to vent, where they find Amelia sobbing and contrite about her overbearing personality. There IS therapy through the skin of the bottom! This a rare instance of Ms. Rutherford ‘crying,’ and not her best acting.

FADE: the girls found some clothes and are now dressed. They prowl the manor corridors, find matron Amy Hunter, and will give her some retribution. First the paddle and then the cane by Leia and Niki; too much scenery lighting her makes this melodramatic stage play. The girls applaud themselves as “strong women” and pull Amy’s panties down to see what they accomplished.

6. The girls admire Amy’s red bottom; Niki canes her–we’ll have check our files to find examples of Ms. Flynn playing domme. Effective snappy strokes.

Lewis prowls and comes upon this scene. Amy has been tied up. The ‘strong women’ manage to jump him also and we hear him squawking under a spanking, as the camera cuts to the exterior shot of the manor in snowfall. A bit improbable–we can suggest so many things to do with these girls over the weekend in this cavernous mansion, which surely has a large basement.

Credits roll; NORTHERNSPANKING must have issued this film in both multiple segments and in halves.

7. The original instructions when the girls arrived were that each girl would wear a ribbon colored to signify her personality and report to the room with that color on the doorknob when the order came for each individual session. Niki, in a blue ribbon and looking vulnerable in just white panties and a gymslip, finds her color and enters that room.

Amy Hunter awaits, alone. Is she a little angry about what the girls did to her? Niki enters and is ordered to sit on a white chair. “You’re a worthless little slut…take that top off.” Off with the little undershirt, Niki so helpless in just panties.

Amy slaps and scolds. Weak little Niki just came here to the mansion because a friend persuaded her, “like a sheep.” “Take off your pants.” Niki even more fetching now naked. Amy makes her spread her legs–we are getting a rear view, buttocks peek.

Leia arrives, without knocking, and kneels between Niki’s legs. Amy pulls Leia’s top down and faux-scolds her for “brazenly enjoying” having fun with Niki. Niki and Keia kiss, Amy loves it.

8.The girls cavort on the white chair, egged on by Amy. Lewis arrives and doesn’t like this lesbian play. Leia was not to have entered this room. Lewis takes over, takes Leia OTK. Niki stands naked, full-frontal, in the shot.

Lewis spanks Leia, gets her knickers down, no longer a matter of resistance this weekend, then trades and spanks the naked Niki, whose small frame floats OTK. Perfect camera angle, and one of the most enjoyable spankings of Ms. Flynn we have seen, of the many we have to pick from. The girls dress and scamper away.

9. Amelia looks for her yellow ribbon indicator on a doorknob and enters. Amy, Leia, and Niki are waiting for her. The weekenders are wearing versions of ballet costumes, and on a stick they hold, is a tutu and leotard for Amelia.

Amelia must put on the outfit and toe shoes; we have seen her do authentic ballet moves in other films, yet another asset which sets her apart from her peers. The ‘stick’ will become a ‘barre.’ Amy will order ballet positions with palm slaps. Amelia first straddles the barre then bends over it for a handspanking and a cane. The black leotard panties don’t protect.

The girls change out of the ballet costumes. NORTHERNSPANKING announces an intermission.

10. Amy and Stephen discuss their progress so far this weekend with the girls. Lewis will try something different for him, a new fetish, “bastinado.” He is also a bit dissatisfied with Amy’s expression of authority so he will give her a reminder spanking. “You’ve seen the results. You know how it works.”

He spanks her over the desk, skirt up, black lace panties down. Mostly talk here.

11. Niki and Leia creep through the house to find the doorknob containing both their ribbons. Lewis waits. CUT. The girls are kneeling, hugging face to face, on a bench, their bare feet hanging off the edge. Lewis begins with his crop, first on Leia’s soles, and mild enough to be a bit silly. Niki gets a few also.

12. Niki reports to her door with the ribbon; cut quickly to the scene where Niki has been tied and gagged. Stephen and Amy are in the room, scolding Niki, while her face is held in closeup. Nothing happening here, unless you enjoy Niki’s confinement.

13. Amelia reports to the yellow ribbon doorknob. CUT–she has put on a full school uniform–blazer, skirt, blouse, tie, and knee socks. Amelia is spanked OTK schoolgirl style. Mild stuff. Panties down. It seems Amelia is being scolded for cruelty to a governess, that this manor weekend is the place to work out things like that. Palm slaps with a tawse. More tears.

14. Now for the official dinner. Amelia and Leia have assembled with Lewis and Amy. they have found more clothes. There must have been luggage which came in after their grand entrance. Niki is late, an unpardonable sin here at the manor. She comes scurrying onto the scene and will be spanked immediately for this affront.

She is bent over the table and Lewis will spank her with a stirrer on her long black dress. Dress up, pretty black knickers with a shoestring opening. A routine spanking. Niki is all bottom here and can carry it off, no facials.

15. The over-the-table spanking continues, now by Amy. Panties down, then Niki is ordered to strip naked in front of the group, which she does in her usual high style. The group at the table try not to stare, but they glance.

Niki is ordered to climb onto the table and lies on her stomach, very sexy. Pieces of cake are cut and placed on Niki’s lower back. The recipe for each cake appears on the screen. The group then eats cake off this table. The camera angle is poor–we don’t get to appreciate the nude Ms. Flynn as we should.


‘Wheatley Manor Niki Flynn Interview’ (time: 7 minutes) Niki is interviewed by ‘Paul Kennedy,’ the major producer of this film. They discuss what it was like to make the film and to work with these CP films stars and her friends. Niki liked the longer format; she says she was not paid, that she made a trade with Amelia Jane Rutherford for work in one of her films. Ms. Flynn is surprisingly articulate here. And thin, diminutive, and very much not like a Diva.

Some inside baseball about how CP films are made; when a crew is assembled, a series of films are attempted in one day to reduce cost. And we know a girl can be spanked only so much. Niki discusses that this film was made over several days and more leisurely.

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