Traveling Disciplinarian and Aristocrat – NORTHERNSPANKING

29 Apr

M/f; time: 16 minutes; year: 2012
A film made by ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ RESTRAINED ELEGANCE, together with NORTHERNSPANKING. ‘Niki Flynn’ is credited as on camera.

Amelia sits at a modern glass table in an airy eating room. A knock on the door, it is the character ‘Mr. Richards'(actor ‘Hywel Phillips’), a traveling disciplinarian. Amelia found his name in the yellow pages. She has some guilt, having cheated to win some kind of race, and does not deserve the prize money or the trophy.

Richards has come prepared, which is why he was called. He empties a bag of spanking implements on the table. “Kindly raise your skirt…panties down of course.” Amelia is her usual glamorous self in white blouse, tight beige skirt, and heels. She doesn’t hesitate. There are faint bruises on her bottom.

She squeals through and counts out 12 moderate snappy cane strokes. Richards adds a few more to encourage a more fervent promise that she will apologize. While she stands bent over the table with her panties down, Richards has her sign an acknowledgement of the caning. He demands she stay in position.

Richards packs and is about to leave, but decides Amelia does not seem sufficiently contrite, so he adds a few cane strokes and has her draft a letter of apology to be sent to the ‘Times.’

Richards leaves again; Amelia is supposed to stay in position, but she puts her panties up, sits and squeals, Richards hears it and returns to add a few cane strokes, just more time for Ms. Rutherford’s bottom to be featured.

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