Sally Carter at XEROTICS

29 Apr

Here are some of the many films XEROTICS  distributed, most of them between 8 and 20 minutes in length, not all of them, and often featuring well-known CP stars. We have separately collected some of our favorites, such as Jodie Carnell, Jasmine Lau, Sarah Collins, Catherine Corbett, Dublin O’Brien, Masie Dee, Anita, Angelina, Hannah Crawford and more  A parade of great British and international bottoms; we have noted in some cases the ladies with more diverse adult careers.


‘Sally Carter Spanking Interview 2’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Auburn haired Sally has already been introduced to OTK spanking. Now Peters will show her some implements. He has her lie over some pillows, first for the strap. Knickers down, a red bottom. 

Sally laughs nervously when Peters shows her the next strap. She gets it on the lighter side. She is shaved. 

Matron Knows Best’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes): Older male and female actors play a Headmaster and Matron; the matron reports ‘Carter’ (Sally) for dirty panties. The Headmaster disclaims knowledge of such hygenics. He only sees bottoms when he has to spank them.

Carter is summoned, a solid brunette. “Drop your drawers.” “What, here?” The Matron checks and sure enough,she is not clean. The matron marches her into a bathroom, washes her butt and makes Carter wash, keeping her ample, athletic  bottom full-screen.

Back to the Headmaster’s office for the punishment. the matron uses a slipper, quite hard, OTK. the Headmaster observes. Carter has a few faint bruises from a previous film.

The Head will now cane her. She leans on a chair and takes 15 sharp snaps, each of which cause her to jump and gasp. The only facials of this actress occur during this caning sequence.

Each girl is spanked OTK; she comments on their “red bottoms,” another favorite

No Fighting’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with Sally Carter  and Anita. The girls have been fighting and they will be spanked for it. Both sit on the couch in schoolgirl kit. Elizabeth has them both bend over and pull  their knickers down. Two bottoms to compare. Anita has the classic feminine bottom for CP films, whereas Sally is smaller and a tight little package.

Simpson straps them both. When they sit again and laugh, Simpson will strap them again. Routine stuff.

‘Sally Home Late’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Sally  Carter gets a spanking for coming home late from school. She pulls her own knickers down and lies on a bed. Nothing. 

‘Simple OTK’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Sarah Carter gets a simple straightforward OTK handspanking from Elizabeth Simpson, knickers down, all bottom. Sarah shows small, thin, and trim.

‘Phone Thief’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson has caught Sally Carter in the theft of a friend’s phone. Sally can’t help snickering at the lines. “You think it’s funny, do you?” Simpson wants her skirt off and knickers down to get started. She is left waiting bare bottom.

Simpson returns. Sally must take off the rest of her clothes. Red bottom already. The blocking on the set is wrong, too much furniture to get a good view of Sally. Closeups will cure it somewhat. A mild handspanking and the hairbrush. Some rubbing and a frontal of this little model.

‘Locker Room’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson has had Sally Carter’s locker searched and a large dildo has been found. “It’s not mine. Somebody got my key.” They sit at a table, the same as in the above video, with the same issues, not corrected. Nobody looked at the rushes. Simpson will allow her to choose the spanking implement, a paddle. Standard spanking to conclude the punishment.

‘Bared and Spanked’ (M/f; time:  8 minutes) Sally Carter is scolded by Peters from off screen. He rouses her out of bed and wants her naked. Mild handspanking and then bs k to bed naked.


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