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Shoplifter’s Punishment – HIDEFSPANKING

25 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 14 minutes
A cute Emma Brown, in full schoolgirl kit–blouse, tie, pleated skirt, bobby socks, reports to ‘Agean,’ late coming home after school. She is going to be spanked for being late, for a report she was shoplifting, and for removing change from the cookie jar.

She spots the spanking implements on the mantel. “What are those for?” “You know what they are for.” It will be a conventional spanking for Emma, just bare bottom, that tattoo prominent, her modesty otherwise preserved. Full white panties come down during an OTK.

She stands, skirt covering her front, panties at her knees, cute. Agean tawses her palms.

For the shoplifting, she will now be caned. She bends over the arm of the couch. We counted about 15 moderate strokes–there may have been some repeats from various angles. Panties puddled at her maryjanes. Strokes hard enough for her to catch her breath, as this actress does so well.
Bare bottom displayed at the mantel for a moment before she is sent off.


25 May

F/f; time: 9 minutes
A refreshingly kinky performance we will review separately from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s other films. Model ‘Ela Darling’ has been doing housework in just a skimpy apron and nothing else. Chelsea catches her having removed her “bottom plug,” for which she will be punished.

Chelsea has a complicated Ben Wa toy, a curved stainless steel rod with balls on it. Ela kneels on chairs and Chelsea works it in her anus quite skillfully, with the anticipated response as she jiggles it in and out.

“Now we’re going to give you a bottom fucking.” With a similar tool, Chelsea works it in a little further and does in fact fuck Ela with it. She follows this with a handspanking and cropping of her open anus. We may have been caught up in the kink here, but a spicy suppository would have been a nice conclusion.

Niki Flynn Caned For Reading in Class – HIDEFSPANKING

24 May

M/f; year: 2001; time: 15 minutes
‘Agean’ is waiting for Niki when she gets home from school. He was alerted–she was caught reading a book in class. He gets his cane. “Oh, no!”

Niki touches toes; Agean flips up the skirt. Full white panties. 15 moderate strokes on the panties.

Agean sends her to get a book. Now she will lie over a stool, prop up the book on the couch, and read aloud while he continues the caning, his form of ‘aversion therapy.’ How come we don’t hear much about this practice except in CP films? Girls are spanked while doing something they must learn to cease doing. Niki’s bottom is mostly full-screen here. Five strokes on the panties, then 20 on the bare bottom, and another 6 to make sure.

Amelia’s New School – HIDEFSPANKING

24 May

M/f; year: 2009; time: 19 minutes
Ms. Rutherford plays a schoolgirl sent to the headmaster, the actor ‘Agean.’ She is wearing a school uniform a bit too small for her–black sweater, blouse, tie, black skirt, knee socks not pulled up, and maryjanes. Deadly cute—she is about 31 here. The Head is disturbed with her disheveled appearance and trouble she is having in the school play.

Without hesitation, he pulls up Amelia’s skirt to check her knickers. She is appalled but doesn’t stop him. He discovers unauthorized undies, “diaphanous monstrosities,” which is the last straw and triggers the spanking.

OTK, full screen on those panties. “Keep your hand away or I’ll take your pants down.” There is laughter, someone blew some lines, and a flurry of ad lib. Panties down, a long spanking, lots of talk.

The Head gets his tawse and explains the Scottish tradition–the paddle, cane, martinet, strap, and Scottish tawse. Amelia jumps as he straps her. “I hate this school.” Because she refuses to say ‘thank you,’ she earns extra strokes.


24 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 5 minutes
Another quickie; screen graphics inform us Niki Flynn has been kidnapped and this is the ransom demand, $1,000,000. In case her husband thinks it is a ruse, a video is included of Niki being spanked.

She has been stripped to bra and panties and stockings. She is gagged with what might be silk panties. Kind of silly–the disciplinarian/kidnapper is fully visible, spanking her with a leather Spencer paddle. She is allowed to make desperate pleas into the camera, and it may have been just us, but we thought there were faint traces that she might be enjoying this domination.


24 May

F/f; time: 30 minutes
A bit of a silly exercise, released by NORTHERNSPANKING in three parts. Amelia Jane Rutherford runs a hair salon, Stephen Lewis is having his hair styled, and ‘Yasmin’ is the female operator. Lewis wants to look like George Clooney, but he gets the Three Stooges look.

He is furious, Amelia arrives on the scene, and Yasmin will be spanked, in front of him, here at her work station. This should satisfy most British men. We recall several films where sloppy hair stylists get spankings, ‘Spanked Hairdresser’ and ‘Salon CP’ at CALSTAR, and ‘The Hairdresser’ at MOONGLOW. And, further afield, look at Tanya Fox’s oeuvre, where more than just styling happens in the operators’ chairs.

Yasmin is spanked on her black panties and this hair salon has a strap available. Ms. Rutherford is not the most aggressive of spankers, but entertaining.

Amelia will finish Lewis’ hair. He still doesn’t like it, and being somewhat aroused by now we would expect, HE will spank Amelia over the same counter, her luminous face kept in the mirror. When he pulls up her skirt: “What did you say about [Yasmin’s] slutty underwear?” “Mu underwear is from a leading national retailer, sir.” She confirms what we have often discussed about her extensive panty collection.

Lewis gets to bare skin, handspanking and strap. Yasmin is not able to save her boss.


24 May

‘Amber Pixie Wells’ (F/f; time: 28 minutes) and
‘Messy Girl’ (F/f; time:8 minutes) Two CP film legends in this simple little exercise. Pixie makes a continual mess at Chelsea’s place and gets spanked for it. OTK, lavender panties, Pixie may doth protest a little too much, but her nifty white bottom and strawberry skin certainly confirm why she was so popular at REALSPANKINGS.

‘AnnaBelle Lee Stories’ (year: 2007; time: 30 minutes) ‘Madame Zola’s Dance Academy.’ Another willing bottom, CP actress ‘AnnaBelle Lee,’ stops by Chelsea Pfeiffer’s studio to make a few short spanking episodes. Ms. Lee is here a dancer student in a little black leotard.

Red hair in a ponytail; Chelsea as Madame Zola takes her OTK for the conventional handspanking on the covered couch. In spanking films, removal of a leotard is often a challenge, solved by some directors with teddy snaps in the crotch. This one Chelsea peels down from the shoulders and AnnaBelle Lee lifts her hips to help. She is nude but for the stockings.

Colorful spanking–overheads, obliques, front views, facials. The hairbrush.

When AnnaBelle Lee rises to bend over the couch for the strap, she is careful to prevent frontal glimpses. She does show us something though, when she bends for the strap.

Part 2 is ‘The High Price of Cell Phone Abuse.’ Chelsea waves the cell phone bill; a good spanking is the cure. Lot of girls get spanked for excess cell phone use in CP films. OTK, denim skirt, striped panties. AnnaBelle must slide off Chelsea’s knees and get paddles from a cabinet drawer, preserving her modesty as she does so.

A short concluding interview–AnnaBelle has the verbal rhythms of a post-teenager. She has always been obsessed by spanking, her favorite childhood books contained spanking scenes.

‘Chelsea’s Personal Assistant’ (F/f; time:13 minutes) In just a few seconds Pixie the personal assistant is in trouble and the spanking begins. OTK, dress up. “Why do you always find yourself in this position?” A question Ms. Wells probably contemplated over her prime years. A long bare-bottom session for Pixie, as good as any to showcase her in this business.

‘Chelsea Spanks Caroline and Lena’ (F/f; time: 60 minutes; 2 parts)
‘Chelsea Spanks Caroline’: Knock on the door; CP model ‘Caroline Grey’ has stopped by for a spanking on the cloth-covered couch. Chelsea locks the door. The briefest of chats, then Caroline drapes herself OTK. The table is filled with spanking implements again.

Slacks down, purple flower-print panties, soon down. Caroline has a dynamic figure, top and bottom. Long, conventional spanking. Panty brand labels flap around.

A series of implements is used; Caroline arches her bottom obligingly; pussy winks. Bend-over the couch for more as usual. Chelsea spreads aloe at the conclusion. The girls laugh. Caroline wiggles seductively without performing and uses a hand mirror to inspect her bottom. Hugs to conclude. Will we ever see those boobs?

The second part–‘Chelsea Spanks Lena’: Another sexy friend from the rolodex. Brunette Lena, like most CP girls well-endowed in the lower half, wears a skimpy tight flower-print dress, not much at all. Handspanking, hairbrush, paddle, hem up, panties down.

Lena stands and Chelsea helps her peel down her dress; no bra. She is naked here–not all that frequent in these ‘Chelsea’ stories. Brief, teasing, fuzz frontals. She kneels on a chair for the strap, which is filmed from several angles, her nifty trim body being the highlight of the film.

Chelsea spreads aloe.

‘Chelsea Spanks Cherry and Clare Fonda’ (F/2f; year: 2005; time: 58 minutes) Two standard spanking sequences on Chelsea’s dropcloth-covered couch. Cherry is a frizzy-brunette in the early ‘Cher’ tradition and Clare Fonda is her breezy self, always up for a good spanking.

The sessions are of the repetitive OTK variety, bottoms eventually bare, and a variety of implements employed, all with some respect for preservation of the actress’ assets.

‘Chelsea Spanks Chloe Elise and Pixie (F/2f; time: 59 minutes)
Chloe Elise (30 minutes) Chloe Elise gets a conventional spanking on Chelsea’s couch. She is a light brunette, wearing jeans and a string top. Both girls are amused by this consensual, party-like spanking.

OTK first, Chloe drops her jeans and Chelsea admires her bikini panties and says so to the crew. Back OTK, panties down, Chloe assists. Long slow spanking–hairbrush, 2 paddles, strap. The girls enjoy themselves.

‘Pixie’ (29 minutes) Amber Pixie Wells remains one of the most animated of the CP actresses. She wears a low-cut sun dress, and Chelsea gives her the conventional spanking. To begin, she shows her bottom, already slightly red.

OTK, dress up, panties down, Pixie’s pale skin reddens quickly. Chelsea uses a heart-shaped wood paddle. Hair brush. Bend-over for strapping. A heavy stiff stick about the length of a yard stick we have never seen before. More paddles and a cane.

‘Beach Blanket Spanking’ (F/f; 6 minutes) A simple outdoor session, on a beach somewhere. No dialogue, only the sound of Chelsea steadily smacking Pixie in an OTK position on blankets on the sand. Red lace panties then bare skin.

‘Amy Hunter Stories’ (F/f; time: 21 minutes)
The story here: Amy Hunter is a reporter visiting Chelsea Pfieffer to get a story on her spanking film enterprises. This is a plot found in several other producers’ works. We have to assume the reporter was careful enough to wear clean underwear before she went out on this assignment.

Amy becomes bored with Chelsea’s story, not very professional is she, so of course Ms. Pfeiffer will demonstrate the process and takes her OTK. Skirt up. Leopard print panties. Ms. Hunter is British, a round-faced blonde, and pretty enough to elicit extra facials. Panties down, a little gasp. “You knew that was part of it, didn’t you?”

Routine spanking. “Wow, that’s one hot bottom.” Not really.

FADE. A new story; at Amy’s house, the girls argue over clothes and Amy finds herself quickly OTK again. Flower print panties come down. Long and conventional.

‘Annbabelle Lee Stories’ (F/f; year: 2008; time: 21 minutes)
‘Unfunny Valentine’ Pageboy auburn-haired Annabelle Lee, in a white party dress, shiny round face, looking successfully sixteen years old. She gives Chelsea Pfeiffer a valentine which offends her. Grounds for a spanking on the spot. OTK, nifty red plaid panties. Chelsea takes them down and Annabelle is already nicely red. Very cunning facials, the director knows, and goes back to them. Chelsea uses a small wood hart-shaped paddle. Those little paddles rattle the teeth.

‘Pain of an Empty Heart’ Chelsea catches Annabelle Lee lolling on a bed in her pajamas, with an empty heart-shaped Valentine candy box and an unset tummy. There are solutions for that. Pj’s down, the spanking begins. Vivid striped panties come down to an already vivid bottom. Hairbrush.

Chelsea takes an anal thermometer from its sealed package. Excellent closeups of the crucial moment, as well as cut-ins of a very unhappy face.

‘Carolyn Reese Stories 2 (F/f; time: 24 minutes) Another of Chelsea’s friends, a thin blonde in a cocktail dress.

‘Bad Cell Reception’ Carolyn is spanked OTK for some cell phone violation. Routine stuff on the Pfeiffer couch. Carolyn hands Chelsea a big hairbrush. We recall Ed Lee of NUWEST telling us how difficult those big brushes were to find.

Dress up, red panties down. Chelsea works both cheeks and thighs. Various camera angles, not always the case–front view, overhead, over the shoulder. A large sole paddle.

‘From the Frying Pan to the Fire’ A kitchen spanking for Carolyn, white lace panties, over the counter. Halter top, lots of body we won’t see here. The guaranteed wooden spoon.

‘Francesca Le Stories’ (F/f; year: 2009; time:24 minutes) Conventional stuff on the couch at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s place. The first episode entitled ‘Parent Teacher Conference,’ so teacher Ms. Pfeiffer will show parent Francesca Le how to spank her child. Standard OTK spanking, getting to bare skin. Francesca has a memorable scorpion tattoo on her right shoulder. Chelsea completes the symbolism with a teacher’s ruler.

Part 2, ‘The Shy Lingerie Model.’ Chelsea spanks Francesca for her behavior during a lingerie photo shoot, a simple enough exercise for Chelsea to spank her again, wearing tarty mail order lingerie.

‘Madison Young Stories’ (F/f; time: 28 minutes) Ms. Young is a thin redhead who likes to wear eyeglasses. We have seen her do full porn on SHADOWLANE, so this performance will be tepid if you like climactic spankings. See ‘Just Asking For It.’

Chelsea has her OTK on the sheet-covered couch in the studio. Skirt up, black panties down, hairbrush. Bend over the couch for the strap, a rosy red bottom best produced by a redhead.

Another scene, Chelsea catches Madison lounging around, not permitted. Another spanking, pink panties down, hairbrush, plastic paddle.

‘Mia Meow Stories’ (F/f; 27 minutes)
‘Designer Discipline’ This actress, a thin brunette, pays her visit to Chelsea. She plays a store buyer who carelessly let adult fetish lingerie mix in with children’s clothing. While you’re spanking, Chelsea, don’t forget those salespeople who stocked the racks.

Mia is quickly OTK; standard stuff on the couch. Mia wears conventional undies you would expect at the office. Nice red bottom.

‘A Handy Hangover Cure’ Chelsea wakes up Mia, sleeping off a drunk. Slacks, top; slacks down, gray panties down, standard stuff

‘Stevie Rose’ (F/f: time: 8 minutes) Ms. Pfeiffer spanked her share of CP stars. There are a few with Stevie Rose, who has all the bottom you need for this work, and she can act! The spanking occurs on the couch, in the ranch room where most of films occur.

’Stevie Rose again’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) The two ladies certainly enjoy these productions. Chelsea has discovered that Stevie has broken up with her boyfriend by texting him, and for such an indignity, she will get a spanking. OTK on the familiar couch, a routine affair. Overhead shots; leopard print panties down. Stevie has a little mole at the top of her buttocks crease we have never noticed. Closeups and rubbing.

There proceeds a very nice OTK, full white panties down, filmed from several angles, low, overhead, rear, face.  Chelsea uses a big paddle, large enough to really hurt. Always a pleasure to watch Ms. Rose take  a spanking.

Cooked After Dinner‘ Mia is spanked again, after dinner. Her panties stay on for most of the session, surely to disguise the red bottom from the previous sessions.




Amelia Jane! Get Out That Bath – NORTHERNSPANKING

23 May

M/f; time: 8 minutes
A simple exercise, for the purpose of Ms. Rutherford presenting a wet, sudsy bottom for spanking. Amelia lolls in a tub; her husband ‘Stephen Lewis’ is yelling for her to get out, and when she doesn’t, he barges in and pulls her out.

She bends over for a spanking; suds fly. There are faint bruises on her bottom, lest anyone think these occasionally trifling spanking films don’t leave any traces. Amelia tries to act furious at this intrusion. Lewis takes her OTK on the side of the tub. He ought to take her to their bedroom, but NORTHERNPSPANKING would not depict such an inference.

Russian Discipline One – NUWEST NWV-461

19 May

time: 22 minutes

Another collection of shoddily-filmed sequences Ed Lee must have acquired from elsewhere. As we said when reviewing another Russian collection release by NUWEST, Lee should have been deservedly proud of the imagination he brought to the genre, with the resulting variety, and on about the same budget the Russians had.

The Russians liked ropes, flat tables, benches, ladders, Bishop’s chairs. and they never hesitated to skip forward to condense scene adjustments. Lee liked to have us watch a naked girl worry as straps were slowly fastened. The Russians also did not quite understand that a loosely fastened subject can wiggle provocatively, or that the girl should be centered on the set to permit more film angles.

A series of grainy and amateurish scenarios. The scenes can’t disguise the Russian tendency toward severity.

Debra’s Private Punishments – NUWEST NWV-262

16 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

‘Debra’ and Ed Lee pull this one off when they had a few minutes. To silence and only the hum of the barren set, Lee is spanking Debra OTK. She is wearing a black dress, black stockings, and garter belt.

After a brief spanking scene, Debra is on her knees giving Lee a blowjob, and he might have something to offer. Can’t tell, poor camera work.

More spanking, now on Debra’s panties, then more blowjob. Another round, panties down. And finally, Debra gets a thorough frigging before she finishes with Ed.

A second scenario is tacked on, some more porn footage lying around the file room. All filmed in poor light from an overhead camera. Lee walks on set in his terrycloth robe, bearing his cocktail. He seats himself and has one girl spank another girl as he is the voyeur, a form of spanking fetish NW has used to great effect many times.

Lee puts on the studio loudspeaker music and spanks the blond girl himself. the production is so poor–this might be ‘Joanne Jameson.’ She gradually strips. The girls spank each other. Lee has that robe on, but we can’t quite see what he might be up to.