Best of Jasmine – REALSPANKING

2 May

MF/f; time: 1hr 7 minutes; year: 2004
Nine collected segments from another favorite at REALSPANKINGS, early in her career and early for RSN. Jasmine is a diminutive, curly-haired, dark-eyed brunette, not a runway model, a plausible little natural body deserving of a frequent spanking, and at this point in her modeling experience, she does an excellent job of portraying some helpless innocence.

1.She sits on a stool being interviewed by webmaster Michael Masterson. After the suitable tension-inducing prologue, she is asked to stand and strip naked. He takes her OTK for a perfect, hard, conventional spanking. Afterward, she bends over to display the results.

2. Jasmine reports to Mistress Dee. Little Jasmine wears the institute uniform of frilly blouse, cravat, plaid skirt, and knee socks. Dee is aware the girls are wearing dirty underwear, which is a spanking offense.
Bend over a desk for a big black leather Spencer strap. White panties down, soon there are tears and running mascara.

3. Michael spanks Jasmine with his double belt over a hassock in a brief segment.

4. In the longest episode, Jasmine is brought to Michael by Dee. Jasmine was late to class and Dee cannot deal with her now. So Jasmine squirms on-camera until Michael can substitute. Jasmine assumes the ‘thrust’ position, a posture spanking models have been quoted as not liking, because it tightens the skin of the buttocks. Skirt up, panties bunched, a handspanking. Some fading bruises. Big floppy paddle. Jasmine counts out 20.

Masterson has found an unauthorized thong under her panties, which comes off and goes in the trash. Tears, mascara, and a long sit for Dee to return.

5. Jasmine wears a cheerleader’s outfit; over the desk, red panties, the big floppy RSI strap. Her thigh bruises persist from other sessions. Dee spanks harder than Masterson.

6.Jasmine sits on a chair, topless, unaffected, in her adolescent body. Masterson arrives and straps her on her jeans, kneeling on a chair, a face-CAM hidden on the floor for that view. Jeans and red bikini panties down, a lot of bruising on both cheeks. 6 to conclude. Mascara down the chin.

7. Dee wakes Jasmine, who is sleeping nude. You get spanked for this. After she scrambles around straightening her room, she is made to pose in an uncomfortable squat against the wall. Dee returns and straps her naked in several charming poses. eliciting a quiver.

8. ‘Jennifer’ and Jasmine are summoned, caught smoking. Pants down, clear bottoms, handspanking.

9. Jasmine reports to another female disciplinarian, a lady who plays a domme in several longer RSI films. “You are mine today, young lady, stand up and take your clothes off.” A chilling and erotic announcement. Jasmine poses nude a moment and then is strapped kneeling on a hassock, her tormentor particular as to how her bottom is presented. A small strap, and then a hoop cane, a sort of rugbeater, “my favorite.” It covers a lot of area.

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