Cheerleader Spankings at Central State – RAVENHILL

2 May

MF/3f; time: 43 minutes
Two girls, in cheerleader’s uniforms, in an exterior scene. They are discussing what they are going to do, because they have been late three times for practice, which means they will be spanked. Two nice looking girls here.

The girls go into a locker room–a chintzy little set made from drop cloths on the walls and locker cubicles from plywood. You long for those producers who can come up with authentic settings, but we still love jerky RAVENHILL–you never know what is around the corner with these non-prototype guys. Their female coach arrives and marches them to an adjoining room, another sparsely furnished place.

The coach spanks both girls OTK, on their uniform panties and on the bare. Conventional stuff. Both girls have trim little figures and the spankings are routine in nature. Then the instructor bends the girls over a stool for the yardstick, also uneventful. Back in the locker room, the girls giggle and rub.

The girls strip naked and head for the shower, an acceptable scene in a tiles shower room, a real one! RH is good at these scenes.

A new scene, ‘Richard Lewis’ finds some drugs or similar contraband in the room where the spankings were done. He is angry with the female instructor and will spank HER. After an OTK spanking, he goes to his office and fishes out the “Central” paddle, a fraternity-type model, only shorter and wider. Covers a lot of bottom. He doesn’t spank very hard with it; in fact; none of the spankings is hard in this film.

Another shower scene for the two cheerleaders pops up. Lewis and female instructor interrupt this shower and take the naked girls back to the locker room and spank them both.

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