Crying Eyes 2 – MOOD

2 May

M/2f; time: 47 minutes

Another of the weird plots from MOOD; Maximilian Lomp in another of his roles as ‘Master.’ A row of girls kneel before him in masquerade masks; one or two of them are naked, having been dealt with in volume 1.

The Master will select another girl, this time his interest is in the one with the “biggest boobs.” A girl is selected. She will be “tonight’s victim.” A very pretty brunette rises. “Go to the usual place and get naked.” Some of the kneeling girls seem to snicker a little. We rely on subtitles, so we could not detect corny acting.

In a corner, partially shielded by a screen, the girl strips. The Master likes her boobs. She led to another room, laid on her stomach, and her body oiled.

She is then tied, on all fours, to the frame with the ‘H’ structure in the center, which supports her and holds her bottom in place. Through her legs, her boobs can be seen hanging nicely. She is given 50 nasty cane strokes, massive damage, almost impossible to believe, and as happens with MOOD, more than we need.

Scene change; the Master selects a second girl. The punishment card this girl draws give her the right to select another girl in her place. This next girl strips, has her body oiled, and receives the same fierce caning.

The two girls are seen being treated in an infirmary. Then, in an out-take, girls come to Lomp to be paid for today’s filming.

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