Ghastly Amelia Jane – NORTHERNSPANKING

3 May

M/f; time: 56 minutes year: 2008

A seven part series, and comparatively mild stuff from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ and the male actor ‘Paul Kennedy.’

1.Amelia plays the wealthy daughter of a successful industrialist. Paul Kennedy has been hired as a tutor and guardian, to indoctrinate Amelia into the business of electrical engineering, so that she may logically succeed her father. Ms. Rutherford plays her usual role as an insouciant and recalcitrant ingrate. We read somewhere that in all her roles she plays herself. Probably not accurate, but it helps for spanking.

Kennedy shakes Amelia out of a deep sleep and begins spanking her immediately when she doesn’t jump to. Her bottom is glorious, even in flannel pajama bottoms. His job is to make her study; she needs her sleep because she is out half the night.

PJ’s down, a silly struggle, but quite a sight.

2. The bare bottom spanking continues on the bed. Kennedy switches to a slipper, albeit a soft one. Amelia is allowed up, squawking and whining. She gives us a delightful little frontal glimpse as she dresses for the day, in school blazer, very short skirt, blouse, tie, and knee socks.

3. On a couch, Kennedy and Amelia discuss her tutoring. She resists the notion that she should comprehend the business from the bottom up. She insists you hire people for that.

She aggravates Kennedy and he grabs her OTK. “I cannot spend my whole life over your knee….I’ve already been spanked.” But not enough, he keeps working on her blue regulation panties.

4. Amelia can’t or won’t answer Kennedy’s quiz questions, and shows little or no interest in reading material he has provided. He gets a small paddle, a leather affair, with a weighted head, a sort of blackjack for the bottom.

Amelia is not eager to be paddled; it hurts. She demands to know “how many,” a question she asks in one persona or another in other films. A girl has a right to know. She is paddled hard, just on the knickers, in this episode. At the conclusion she collapses in the corner, behind furniture, in a ball.

5. Kennedy returns with a strap. Amelia kneels on the couch and is spanked with the strap. Her father will be home soon. Panties down. Kennedy asks more industrial questions and straps her for poor response. Back and forth.

6. Because of Amelia’s continual resistance, Kennedy gets her father on the phone and receives assurance to proceed with these spankings, and the father tells Amelia so. She tells him, “Kennedy’s gone mad, he keeps hitting me!” Blazer off, panties down, touch toes for the cane, hard enough to settle her down, and the most impressive so far.

7. An acceptably impressive caning completes the film, Ms. Rutherford’s nates full screen.

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