Kingsleigh Finishing School – NORTHERNSPANKING

3 May

MF/2f; time: 8 minutes year: 2012

A film made in conjunction with NORTHERNSPANKING and RESTRAINEDELEGANCE, which means Amelia Jane Rutherford’s partner/husband is around the set somewhere.

Here, ‘Niki Flynn’ must be in England for a visit. Niki is playing a student, sitting in an airy, bright, modern classroom, being tutored to speak the British accent by ‘Miss Rutherford,’ a teacher.

Amelia is going to give her a little spanking as part of the experience, because Niki must have angered her and because she can. Does this help with the linguistics? OTK; Niki looks wonderful–thin, elegant, carefully cropped short hair. Brief spanking before she is sent off.

The actor ‘James Jekyll’ arrives. He is an old friend of Amelia’s from their STRICTLYENGLISH days, where he spanked her often enough as ‘Uncle James’ or ‘Angus.’ He is part of this Scottish Glasgow NORTHERNSPANKING connection. We bet all he had to do was trim his beard a bit before he rushed out the door for this casting call.

He plays the headmaster, and criticizes Miss Rutherford for not using the cane on Niki. She was reluctant. She winces, “It’s seems so brutal.” But it’s not. “I will demonstrate,” says James. Amelia does not bat an eye.

Hands-on-chair, terrific bend-over. Skirt up, black lace panties, garter belt, stockings. Rutherford stunning again. 12 moderate entertaining strokes laid on a bottom mostly bare, the panties up high. Simple and elegant, maybe boring to some, perfect for us.

After James leaves, Amelie will practice with the cane before her next encounter with Niki. She cracks a pillow with wicked strokes, raising dust clouds in the sun. No way Niki would take that in 2012, but we can dream.

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