The Crazy Woman – NUWEST NWV-362

4 May

F/f; year: 2002; time: 23 minutes.

A lot of fun from NUWEST, as they scratched around for plot ideas on a no-cost budget. We spankos would have loved to have consulted with Ed Lee.

A ditzy blonde, who looks like ‘Jodie Cline’ but may not be, gambols along a dirt road NUWEST likes to use. She plays schoolgirl in vest, skirt, knee socks, sneakers, and backpack. She reads a crude, hand-painted sign: “BEWARE! Sadistic Insane Woman in area. Will attack other women.”

Sure enough, NW’s Julia Jameson appears blocking the road, really looming. Ms. Jameson comes easy to the part of crazy woman. (we’ll call her) Jodie turns tail and runs, but Julia cuts through the scrub and cuts her off in the opposite direction, quite an athletic feat.

Jodie is dragged back to a familiar setting, the NUWEST garage/workroom. She has been strung by the wrists and Julia rucks up her skirt and blouse, checking out the goods. Sexy groping, panties aside, some preliminary frigging.

FADE. Jodie is now totally naked and strung up again. We’re sorry we missed the struggle, but it would have made for complex staging. Julia whips her front and back, and flashes her own huge melon boobs to torment the girl.

FADE. Jodie has now been released and kneels on the garage floor sucking Julia’s nipples. Julia drops her skirt and pantyhose (the pubic hair here suggests the film might predate 2002). Jodie seems to refuse to give Julia an oral job.

FADE. Both girls naked, Julia has pinned Jodie face down on a mat and is whipping her. Jodie must agree to service Julia, because we quickly cut to Julia bent forward and Jodie giving oral from behind. NW was never good at filming these scenes, maybe for legal reasons? More refusal, cut to more whipping.

Then the sought-after facial/frontal, again poorly filmed. More whipping.

We’ve been watching the remaining film time and anticipating the climactic scene. Julia puts on the strap-on harness, the thin dildo here. After Jodie lubricates it, she is fucked on her back, legs splayed. Julia is very good at this, and the postures eliminate any chance for the camera to screw up the shot. Julia concludes by sitting on Jodie’s face.

e don’t see it, but presumably the schoolgirl was allowed on hder way before anyone missed her.

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