Amelia Jane Earns The Cane – HIDEFSPANKING

10 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 31 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Agean’ in a conventional schoolgirl spanking melodrama, more of display of Ms. Rutherford’s body than anything else.

Amelia reports to the headmaster; she has put on an out-moded uniform–white knee socks, cardigan sweater, blouse, tie, barely adequate skirt. She isn’t getting along with the school matron and would not get the proper uniform from her. “This has earned you a spanking.” Amelia demands, half-heartedly, “I want to be punished by a female.”

She goes OTK. “I still have bruises from last week.” Skirt up–it almost comes up by itself. Little white bikini panties. When the headmaster pulls down her knickers, she pulls them up. If she won’t pull them back down immediately, the cane will be next. He pulls them down.

The camera pans out to put Amelia alone in the full room. In a long scene, she will strip off the little outfit, down to white bra and panties, and put on the new uniform. In the process, she takes the headmaster’s cane off the wall and smacks herself and yelps. She is both horrified and amused by the marks she has so far, knowing that her boyfriend will notice them. Her clothes must come off fairly frequently. “I’m ready, sir,” she calls.

The headmaster touches her, commenting on the tight little uniform. She objects. He notices the cane marks and figures she was testing it. Amelia bends over, hands on ankles, this little skirt also pops up by itself.
“6 on the pants, 6 on the bare.” The caning is just moderate. “Ow! Do you actually seriously do this to people?”

Unusual squawk from Ms. Rutherford. Panties down; her bottom is mostly full-screen during this caning. She complains, “I want to be spanked instead.” Not happening. She earns 6 extra for her constant mouth and breaking position.

Pants up slowly. Scolding continues. She will be spanked every time she is reported for anything. And get the proper uniform.

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