10 May

F/f; time: 14 minutes
There are a half-dozen or so spanking films on this theme–piano teachers using the palm of their hand and other tools to spur on lazy female students. And, as Ed Lee points out on one of his ‘instructional’ NUWEST films, the piano bench has many advantages for spankings.

For us, the best ‘Piano Lesson’ film comes from CALSTAR in about 1986, featuring Prucilla Eastwood, still one of the sexiest CP actresses for these retro, vintage eyes.

‘Amy Hunter’ is the student and Glasgow regular domme-for-hire ‘Lucy McLean’ is the teacher. Amy won’t play scales properly, but when Lucy steps away for the phone and the door, Amy launches into Rachmaninoff, and it looks like she can really play. We bets her parents were disappointed when she elected to make spanking films rather than pursue the piano.

Lucy takes her OTK, works up her day dress, and spanks her on white panties. “What were you playing?” “Rachmaninoff, Miss.” Lucy has her kneel up on the bench and play scales while she spanks her with a ruler.

That seems to be inadequate, so she gets her cane, panties come down, about a dozen moderate strokes. Then Amy is chased out, told never to come back. We’d have arranged another lesson.

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