Pocket Money – PAIN4FEM

10 May

2F/2f; year: 2006; time: 40 minutes
Three girls amble down a wooded country lane. PAIN4FEM did a nice job of inserting exterior shots and generally took more trouble to create alternate scenes than most CP producers.

The girls enter a house; one of the girls is playing the ‘aunt’; she appears about the same age as the other two. In their room, the girls secretly open some mail. A lecherous male contact they have made has sent them some pocket money in return for pairs of wet soiled panties. They refer to him as ‘Mr. Huge’ and take off and pack up panties to send, along with a naughty note.

FADE. Aunty discovers a naughty letter from Mr. Huge, calls her sister, and receives authority to spank the girls now. The two will get a scorching when they come home in three weeks. She has a paddle nearby.

The girls are called in and confronted with the letter. The spankings are explained. Each girl is paddled, jeans down, then panties down. The paddle is large, but looks light-weight.

‘One Day Later’: Aunty overhears the girls plotting in their room, something more with Mr. Huge. She calls her sister again, who we see on screen this time–it is P4F’s ‘Helen,’ an accomplished spanker, and good news for us, given the time remaining on the film. Helen tells her sister the girls cane expect a “good blistering.”

‘Three Weeks Later’: the girls are home, in the presence of Helen and her sister. The girls deny any Mr. Huge connection. Helen gets her cane.

“I’m going to warm your behinds first.” Helen will handspank then cane each girl, getting to bare skin. She spanks harder than her little sister, who we had hoped would be swept up in the threshing machine. Both bare bottoms, side by side kneeling, puss on display. Moderate marks.

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