Housemasters’ Wives – MOONGLOW

11 May

time: 1 hr 16 minutes
A series of vignettes made in the same familiar MOONGLOW studio. The actors here are mostly a bit older than normal.
‘The School Play Fiasco’ A school play director, quite an authoritative and demanding fellow, is upset with the dress rehearsal and decides to spank some of his actresses–the first girl is still in her military costume.

He demonstrates the ‘Kiss Me Kate’ scene and takes her OTK, black panties down, for handspanking and a floppy paddle.

After a FADE, another actress from the play, a skinny blonde, is also spanked to improve her performance.

Then a third actress, a brunette in costume, gets spanked, and she is quickly brought to tears.

‘After the Party’ Another male spanker, using the same scene as above, spanks several girls for getting drunk and staying out too late. ‘Zooey’ is the first to be caned. They will use a portable spanking bench– a low cocktail table, where an attachment is inserted to rest on in the center. The girl kneels on a pad and lies over the attachment. She is caned here, and has already been spanked, not in this film. Another girl gets the same experience on the bench with a different male. Quite a parade of characters from MOONGLOW.

‘Sixth Form Memories’ More schoolgirl spankings, from these older actors. A police officer brings two girls to the headmaster for some offense. The Head asks the officer to do the spanking. Why not? That would certainly motivate the Force.

A brunette, the ringleader, goes over the above-described bench. “You can take her knickers down as well.” A clear bottom, not always the case in this film. The headmaster adds his licks, the hardest yet in the film.

FADE. The headmaster canes two girls who were seen going into hotel rooms with rugby players. Too bad MOONGLOW’s budget would not permit flashbacks.

‘A Painful End of Term’ The headmaster with the same blonde and brunette from above. “Here we are at the end of term.” He is going to send them home with red bottoms, an idea you’ll find in the CP literature. The girls are given 5 minutes to think about taking spankings versus bad grades.

A trestle is placed. The girls are caned, on panties then on the bare.

‘A Suitable Bottom for the Cane’
‘The Naval Cadet’ A bubbly brunette in a cellar-like room, cannot keep a straight face as she is scolded by an older woman. The girl bends over a high table for a fast and hard strapping on her slacks. She drops her slacks to display grey knickers and one of the best bottoms for spanking you will find at MOONGLOW. 12 cane strokes, no more laughing. To the wall, hands on head.

‘The History Student’ The same well-endowed brunette is being scolded for poor grades. She is wearing a traffic-stopping red dress. She bends over the back of an easy chair, bottom high, dress up, red panties, 12 crisp cane strokes set her wailing. Quite entertaining. “What do they say about the last one?” “The hardest, Dr. Ryder.” She shrieks.

‘The Security Girl’ The same girl plays a guard who has let a prisoner escape. ‘His majesty,’ maybe ‘John Kirwood,’ will cane her until she tells where the prisoner is. Over the trestle for the cane, on her skirt and on the bare. In addition to having a bottom just made for this work, she is quite the emotive actress. “What a fuss!” notes Kirwood. 12 strokes on bare skin below her panties, then 6 more because Kirwood doesn’t think she is duly chastised.

‘the House Wife’ The same girl receives a call from Kirwood then sets up the portable spanking bench, quickly and efficiently. She is waiting in position when he arrives. 6 cane strokes on her pants, she drops then for 6 more. After this punishment, she is allowed to return to reading her KANE magazines.

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