20/40 Spankings – DROPSEAT

13 May

MF/2f; year: 2002; time: 1 hr 7 minutes
The title refers to a 20 year old daughter and a 40 year old mother, both of whom get spanked in this household.

Brunette ‘Mary Jane’ is being scolded by her mother; she borrowed the car and had an accident. Her mother will spank her. “It’s not fair.” OTK she goes, purple slacks do little to disguise what is going to be a sensational bottom. She has to stand to drop those slacks–full print panties. The spanking continues standing, pants down, trim little beaver. Some slippering. A lot of film left, what direction will this go? Mary Jane is cornered, bare bottom.

‘Dad Arrives Home’ Mary Jane asks: “Do you think Dad is going to be upset about this?” The parents confront Mary Jane in an office room. He has her lift her dress and he begins smacking her bottom. The mother, looking sexy here, is watching. The father actually removes his daughter’s dress; more standing spanking, panties down. Mary Jane is made to kneel erect on a low, tiny stool, hands on head, and balance in this painful punishment position while the parents step out for a little talk.

‘Father Talks to Mother’ Out on the deck, father scolds his wife. “We are going to have a little talk about this. I want you to prepare yourself after dinner.” Back to Mary Jane, she get a bit of the strap.

‘The Wife’s Turn’ In their bedroom, the wife still in her kitchen apron. The husband removes her skirt and is surprised to see transparent panties. Spanking, strapping, OTK and standing. The wife puts on white satin panties with “Naughty Wife” stitched on the seat. Various spankings, diaper position, bend-overs. They hug to conclude. We thought the wife’s hands might wander, but nothing.

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