Spanking Court – Angela Charged with Being An Accomplice – ALPINESIERRA

13 May

M/f; year: 2010 time: 19 minutes
The judge scolds from the bench at the Spanking Court. Angela is charged with having taken money and taken an exam for another girl. She argues with the judge from behind her podium. These films would not be any fun without some dispute.

He awards her “200 Level l swats with the strap,” She argues that is more punishment than the girl got who paid her to take the exam. This angers the judge even more, so he adds “25 Level 1 cane.” Angela still protests: “A caning is not a spanking.”

FADE. Angela is locked in a holding cell, wearing the orange uniform. A hooded guard leads her out, shuffling along in ankle shackles, to the “sentencing room.” She climbs up onto the punishment bench, a padded inverted-V. She is fastened at the ankles, knees, lower back, and wrists. The guard pulls down her uniform pants and panties. Her bare bottom is at the apex of the bench.

When the guard wipes down the strap he will use, within her vision: “Oh my God, you-all are hardcore here.” The guard lays on 200 moderate strokes, which Angela counts aloud.

Next comes the cane, 25 strokes counted, harder, and she yelps to prove it. Angela’s hair has covered her face for the few facial shots. They didn’t figure out how to cure that. She is lead back to her cell bare bottom.

The film concludes with facial and bottom mug shots.

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