Russian Discipline One – NUWEST NWV-461

19 May

time: 22 minutes

Another collection of shoddily-filmed sequences Ed Lee must have acquired from elsewhere. As we said when reviewing another Russian collection release by NUWEST, Lee should have been deservedly proud of the imagination he brought to the genre, with the resulting variety, and on about the same budget the Russians had.

The Russians liked ropes, flat tables, benches, ladders, Bishop’s chairs. and they never hesitated to skip forward to condense scene adjustments. Lee liked to have us watch a naked girl worry as straps were slowly fastened. The Russians also did not quite understand that a loosely fastened subject can wiggle provocatively, or that the girl should be centered on the set to permit more film angles.

A series of grainy and amateurish scenarios. The scenes can’t disguise the Russian tendency toward severity.

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