Amelia’s New School – HIDEFSPANKING

24 May

M/f; year: 2009; time: 19 minutes
Ms. Rutherford plays a schoolgirl sent to the headmaster, the actor ‘Agean.’ She is wearing a school uniform a bit too small for her–black sweater, blouse, tie, black skirt, knee socks not pulled up, and maryjanes. Deadly cute—she is about 31 here. The Head is disturbed with her disheveled appearance and trouble she is having in the school play.

Without hesitation, he pulls up Amelia’s skirt to check her knickers. She is appalled but doesn’t stop him. He discovers unauthorized undies, “diaphanous monstrosities,” which is the last straw and triggers the spanking.

OTK, full screen on those panties. “Keep your hand away or I’ll take your pants down.” There is laughter, someone blew some lines, and a flurry of ad lib. Panties down, a long spanking, lots of talk.

The Head gets his tawse and explains the Scottish tradition–the paddle, cane, martinet, strap, and Scottish tawse. Amelia jumps as he straps her. “I hate this school.” Because she refuses to say ‘thank you,’ she earns extra strokes.

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