24 May

F/f; time: 30 minutes
A bit of a silly exercise, released by NORTHERNSPANKING in three parts. Amelia Jane Rutherford runs a hair salon, Stephen Lewis is having his hair styled, and ‘Yasmin’ is the female operator. Lewis wants to look like George Clooney, but he gets the Three Stooges look.

He is furious, Amelia arrives on the scene, and Yasmin will be spanked, in front of him, here at her work station. This should satisfy most British men. We recall several films where sloppy hair stylists get spankings, ‘Spanked Hairdresser’ and ‘Salon CP’ at CALSTAR, and ‘The Hairdresser’ at MOONGLOW. And, further afield, look at Tanya Fox’s oeuvre, where more than just styling happens in the operators’ chairs.

Yasmin is spanked on her black panties and this hair salon has a strap available. Ms. Rutherford is not the most aggressive of spankers, but entertaining.

Amelia will finish Lewis’ hair. He still doesn’t like it, and being somewhat aroused by now we would expect, HE will spank Amelia over the same counter, her luminous face kept in the mirror. When he pulls up her skirt: “What did you say about [Yasmin’s] slutty underwear?” “Mu underwear is from a leading national retailer, sir.” She confirms what we have often discussed about her extensive panty collection.

Lewis gets to bare skin, handspanking and strap. Yasmin is not able to save her boss.

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