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Cheating Wife–the Cane – REDSTRIPE

30 Jun

M/f; time: 7 minutes
‘Leia Ann Woods’ plays a more edgy part here. She sits in her bedroom, wearing a green dress, waiting.

Her husband caught her. She “shagged the chauffer.” Leia seems content with herself that she had some fun. She is ordered to take off her dress. She is naked underneath.

“Were you giving him a handjob?” The answer must be ‘yes,’ because her husband begins with palm slaps, which even CP actresses don’t care for much.

Leia will be caned in a standing position. She reveals it all standing facing us. The caning is of the tap-tap-crack variety. She bends over for some of the strokes, and for some reason the caner has a fascination for her upper thighs.

Emma’s Pottery Penis Punishment – HIDEFSPANKING

30 Jun

M/f; time:14 minutes
‘Magnus’ has caught ‘Emma Brown’ crafting a penis in pottery class. Ms. Brown wears a school uniform, and has longer hair, more blond. She is amused by her imagination and is not much concerned about what Magnus will do.

“I’m going to have to deal with you.” OTK on the couch. White panties down, not much new here. After he gives her a good spanking, “I’ve have no one say I’m a cruel person,” and he creams her bottom. That’s a good excuse.

Spanked For Shopping – B and D PLEASURES

30 Jun

M/2f; time: 27 minutes
A harmless and playful adventure made in the early 1990’s by ‘Sonny Daze’ and another lucky find for us, a segment with ‘Tanya Fox’ in the early stages of her porn career, before the hardcore stuff, where she would use her estimable bottom for other purposes.

In the first episode, Sonny’s wife, a cute blonde, comes home with a bag of new lingerie. She teases him with some of the items, but he is disturbed by the cost, despite the titillation. “You know what I ought to do?…”

She knows; he takes her OTK, bunch her black undies, and has his way, gradually undressing her. As the scene fades, she is trying on things for him. She’ll be back out there soon and back here OTK.

Sonny and his wife discuss what in the world to do with sister Tanya, who is just an incorrigible shopper. Ms. Fox is an edible package here–in white blouse, denim skirt, and heels. Sonny takes her OTK and she squeals, as no one else can do just that way. When her skirt comes up, we’re absolutely sure both Sonny and his wife are dazzled for the moment by her bottom. To complete the session, Sonny adds a few smacks to his wife’s tush.

Domestic Spanking

22 Jun

60 minutes
American collection of spanking scenes with 4 actors in and out of various scenarios. The feel of an amateur production, the kind where the actors share manning the camera. It seems to have been filmed in someone’s knotty pine recreation room, just off their workroom.

A blonde wants her birthday spanking, and they work to get it right. Another woman joins to help, and a second guy. If we had found a single redeeming feature or clever idea, we would have reported it here.

Real Spanking Network – Spanking Machines and more

22 Jun

Wonderful somewhat random shorts from ‘RSN’; this blog was written early in our exposure to RSN  and updated as we learn more; we have since collected work by Elizabeth Burns and the ‘Arrival’ and ‘School Swats’ themes separately.

‘Miss Stevie’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A blonde (Stevie Rose)  stands in front of Michael, her blouse open, her bare boobs on display, proud and firm. It seems she was caught in class without a bra. And we soon notice, she is standing on a stool, to further accentuate her nudity and humiliation.

Michael will spank her. She kneels on the stool, school kilt up, white panties down. Michael begins with a handspanking. The 3-minute spanking will be repeated, the rear first, then the side.

Stevie must now stand and bend over, hands on the stool, for the strap. They discuss how many strokes are appropriate. They agree, “12 is fair.” This strapping is also repeated, rear and side. She is sent to the corner to kneel erect, bare bottom.

‘Claire’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Mistress Dee comes into brunette Claire’s room and find her lolling on the bed, watching TV when she is supposed to be studying. Dee will fix this now. “If I can’t sleep, you’re not going to sleep.” Claire gets a short but impressive spanking with a large hairbrush on bare skin.

stars. A spanking is underway. Brunette Kailee was an hour and a half late for a spanking film shoot and ‘Dr. Daniels’ has her OTK. We know from his dialogue on that his interest in girls’ bottoms never flags.

The phone rings during the spanking. He stops to answer; ‘Sierra’ has called him, and now she will be spanked next chance he gets. As Daniels spanks and straps, there is some ad lib chatter which suggests Daniels is not hitting hard enough. He starts with a hairbrush. A male crew member calls “5 minutes.”

‘Redhead in the Cellar’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 18 minutes) A slightly nastier premise than the mainstream of REALSPANKINGSNETWORK, although the punishment itself is within their reasonable and respectable standards.

Mr. Daniels drags a stark naked little redhead to a padded spanking bench in the dank cellar set we have occasionally seen. (There is similar cellar space on the grounds of the Girls Boarding School.) Just contemplating her-a bit of fear and misery, makes the film. She kneels on the padded platform and leans forward, prayer-like. This variety of bench is for sale by some of the adult toy producers. Apparently RSN did not have a carpenter shop.

Daniels begins a handspanking, moderate but colorful. Most of these CP producers share a fondness for Irish colleen redheads or strawberry blondes. The reason is obvious–the pale skin colors immediately. The little redhead puts up such a loud squawk from the first that Daniels reaches for a ball gag, seen hanging on a rack with other spanking implements. She accepts it without dispute.

Nothing but grunts from here on. Daniels is amused to see her slobbering on the bench.

This four-minute segment is repeated NUWEST-style from a face-CAM, where we can enjoy the model’s young figure, long curly hair, her wild eyes, and the insertion of the gag.

Another 5-minute segment features the girl being flogged with a martinet as she sits on her haunches, then standing, and again with the ball gag. She is instructed to cover her breasts with criss-crossed arms to prevent wrap-around blows. Nice. The segment is repeated with the same face-CAM.

‘Michelle-School Swats’ (M/f; year:2007;time: 4 minutes) These ‘school swats’ films are sufficiently entertaining that we have  collected  them separately. Mistress Dee tells us that a “forum member” has requested that ‘Michelle’ be given the school swats routine, “on the bare.”

Pretty, curly haired brunette Michelle gets 10 of the paddle, hard enough to induce the reflexive quivering. And the big paddle does the most damage to the far buttock, an occupational hazard. Michelle sits naked at the end, knees apart, recovering.

Some machine spankings:

‘Spanking Monica-Robospanked’ (3 minutes) Man vs. machine. We picked this film in search of the best of the automatic spanking machines. This one is not as dramatic as those used at SPANKINGSERVER, but the results may be the same.

RSN’s ‘Monica’ kneels in place on a padded spanking bench. A slapper/paddle protrudes from a device beside her, aimed at the center of her buttocks. When it is activated, the wide leather paddle slaps her bottom faster than the camera can catch. Looks good to us, turn it on and go to lunch. Maybe the best machine, but without the drama of Peter Schrober.

Kailee-spanking machine‘ (f; time: 4 minutes) The spanking is underway; Kailee, in Institute schoolgirl kit, leans over Masterson’s desk while the machine, fitted with a plexiglass paddle attachment, whales away. Masterson reads files and pays on slight attention to the punishment.

In this short segment, the spanking is seen from the face and the rear. The paddle creates some vivid marks in just a minute or two, because all the smacks land in the same place.

‘Monica-spanking machine’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Monica stands naked while Masterson and Danny tinker with another spanking machine, a bit less sophisticated than the robospanker described above. She is going to get a taste of this machine for having lied to a staff member at the Institute.

Monica kneels naked on a folding chair, her arms folded behind her in the Institute method. Masterson operates the slapping arm of the machine with a remote control. For this device, the arm cannot be adjusted automatically to distribute blows up and down on the buttocks.

The strokes are short sharp snaps, fast and slow in spacing. Masterson likes the results. “It bruises up quickly.” Monica squeals. She must count out a last 12, which are delivered quickly. Masterson notes some “abrasions,” he means skin pops. The scene is repeated from a facial view, which illustrates that Monica was tested in this episode. She bends over to display the results.

‘Monica and Jordan-spanking machine’ (2M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Masterson and Danny sit in the classroom, tinkering with the laptop which controls their current model of a spanking machine. ‘Monica’  and  ‘Jordan’ will provide the practice bottoms for today. This is a clunky, early-model machine, not quite the Wright Brothers version, but close. It makes whirring anticipatory noises, and apparently the “compressor” is in another room.

Masterson sets it on “automatic.” Monica goes first, she is paddled on her white tights. We see facial and rear views. Once she is done, she goes to the wall and shows her bottom, not too bad, but a whole 30 minutes of this might be interesting. ‘Miss Jordan’ gets the same.

‘Riley Robospanked’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Masterson lives out his leisure. He sits at his desk, looking at his stock portfolio, or more likely trolling for porn script ideas on his laptop, while the Robospanker whirs away on the bottom of Riley, another of his blond students. Riley, in RSN schoolgirl kit, is bent over his desk, bottom bare, being bruised by the machine. The film is presented courtesy of ‘’

For the first two minutes we watch Riley’s face as she tries to anticipate the irregular smacks. The bruises are classic paddle marks with the white centers. An alternate view shows her bottom under assault.

Masterson gets up to adjust the strike of the paddle. Future versions of these machines will solve this problem, so a guy can go out for lunch. More facial and rear views.

‘Roxie and Serena – the spanking machine’ (M/2f; time: 7 minutes) The two girls enter the classroom and see the machine set up. “Oh, my God!” “What the fuck!” It is the clunky rattling  machine with the 2-foot long paddle attached to it. The girls sit on stools, eying the apparatus with apprehension, awaiting Dean Masterson.

Michael arrives. He explains that since his wrist is in a brace, he must use the machine to do the spanking today. He sits at his laptop to start things up. Pink-haired Miss Roxie must bend over the desk first. Michael sets the controls for “maximum stroke” and announces “10 coming.” Loud, hard smacks, irregular unpredictable rhythm, on Roxie’s shorts. She gasps from the first. Alternate facial and bottom views. She pulls down her pants to show the results–success! Serena gets the same ritual. Masterson examines both bottoms at the conclusion and is happy.

‘Miss Burns Spankings’ (M/f; year 2006-7; time: 20 minutes) We’ve seen blond ‘Miss Burns,’ one of the older disciplinarians at REALSPANKINGS, downright matronly when compared to the steady stream of post-teenage models, spank just about everyone, in all sorts of settings. There are a few occasions where she takes some punishment herself, only fair–gotta keep up the resume. We thought we would select a few and expand the file. We have repeated the Burns-Daniels collaboration separately on this site.

Miss Burns kneel on the floor, waiting, panties at her thighs, her hands behind her back, in the specified RSN handbook submissive posture. She wears a black turtleneck.

Mr. Daniels enters and grabs her OTK. He uses a small hardwood paddle, like the back of a hairbrush, with which he can be very specific about what he intends and where he intends it. He spanks and they talk. Is that a tramp stamp we see on this lady? He spanks hard, there are tears, long facials, this first segment is the front view.

Another segment of this video is essentially the bottom-CAM.

Part of this film is a 12 minute episode filmed with Daniels in 2005. Miss Burns is bent over the foot of a Victorian bed. Daniels is paddling her on her skirt with a wicked implement which looks almost like a piece of 2×4. He flicks her skirt up and takes her panties down. Well-reddened bottom, only partway through.

The 6-minute spanking is repeated again with the face-CAM.

‘Two naked men’ (3F/2m; time: 16 minutes) We have found a few examples of the F/m format at RSN. This is a playful one. ‘Elizabeth Burns,’ ‘Kailee,’ and a third girl have two men in what clearly is a hotel room. Elizabeth is wearing an evening gown, similar to what we have seen in spanking-party films she made. This film may be an extension of one of those.

The two guys stand beside the bed and quickly strip naked. Elizabeth and the third girl put on rubber gloves and then sit in front of the men and tie their genitals into protective bags. Elizabeth instructs the girl on how to do it, and there is some muted hilarity during the scene. Then men’s backs are to us.

The men kneel on the bed on all fours, genital bags hanging down. Elizabeth and Kailee spank, paddle, strap, crop, martinet, and cane them in mild sequences, suggesting that maybe these men have come upstairs from a spanking party downstairs for some personal adjustment.

‘Betty and Jordan’ (2F/m; time: 21 minutes) The two RSN actresses have their fun with a guy, they will be paddling him–he is made to strip naked. His butt is already a little red. Paddles and straps. Sets from each girl with paddles and straps. Betty starts with a Spencer strap, just six from her, then a rocking 33 from Jordan. Next a wooden spoon, Jordan hits harder throughout.

Hands-on-head for a rest; the girls then arrange him in stools–kneeling on one and leaning forward to rest elbows on the other. Jordan spanks, Betty points out the spots which need work.

He is allowed to rest on a stool. He has started a tiny erection. We’ve said before, ‘David’ at NUWEST is the only model we’ve seen who can spring a hard one even before the spanking begins. We’re not connoisseurs of this phenomenon. The girls tell him “This is the appropriate way to let you back into the house.”

Bend-over a stool, paddling, the ruler. Why does the experienced Betty keep checking the camera. The girls make the guy kneel in the most uncomfortable erect position and set an hour glass to time him.

Her Fantasies-Amelia Jane Rutherford -STRICTLYENGLISH

22 Jun

year: 2008; time: 20 minutes

The accomplished CP  actress narrates: she is going to make a spanking film and has been preparing; “I have been shopping…I  don’t know exactly what we are doing today.” Amelia wears shorter curly hair here; she shows us what she has bought, including underwear which cost “fifty pounds.” she undresses and dresses on-screen–the usual wonderful buttocks shots. “Ah. I wish I had bigger breasts….oh, well!” She puts on a scandalously short skirt, top, and zip knee boots.

Downstairs, she interviews with an actor we’ve seen in some of her films. “You’re asking for a spanking….you’re dressed for the part…..last time we were just testing you.” Great coy and innocent facials during this conversation. The guy thought she enjoyed herself last time, so he wants to know her secret fantasies. “How do you know I have any fantasies?”

He grabs her OTK over the couch, not much of a struggle. “I  want your fantasies.” “I don’t want to.”  White satin panties, elegantly tight. He gives her 12 hard smacks, and if she doesn’t confide, the panties come down. (This is probably one of her fantasies, as it is ours).

Panties down, that high bottom soars on the guy’s lap. “I need your fantasies so we can play them on film.” She sits on her haunches on the floor, knickers at her knees, a pose well suited to her lithe body. More OTK, panties down, then is she sent upstairs to change for her ‘second fantasy.’

Derriere Dynamite – KANE

22 Jun

time: 30 minutes
The KANE nightclub set, and a small unseen live audience. Four simple spanking scenarios, featuring playful and willing girls and the usual KANE guys, who we have referred to as ‘stockholders.’ KANE used this format for simple spanking presentations, featuring girls from the CP genre.

The first episode features a grey-haired guy and a dramatically perfect brunette, wearing just bra and panties. Laughing, rubbing, undies coming off, the martinet, handspanking; when he strokes her bottom, he slips a finger between her legs. She can’t keep count of the martinet strokes, to the amusement of the spectators. The KANE character ‘Oscar’ hovers. Short caning–6 strokes.

Next, a blonde who made films for STRICTLYENGLISH. She gets a little workout from another guy, “for your own good.” “Two rosy moons,” he observes. “Are you ready for the cane?” Almost 25 whippy strokes, harder than usual, lots of trouble counting, wild marks.

Another striking brunette, OTK. The guy wrestles down her slacks and then her thong. She takes off her top-no bra. After a spanking and slippering, she runs off-stage naked, to applause.

A brunette is spanked and strapped on a chair. The fantasy here is that she is the guy’s girlfriend. He hands her the keys to a new car.

Cash Strapped Girls – REDSTRIPE/STRAND

22 Jun

F/f; time: 16 minutes
A fun theme; an advertisement has appeared in the newspaper, short term interest-free loans to certain people in return for some other compensation. Could be a series.

Sally Binkerhoff‘ needs to borrow 200 pounds to repair some furniture of her parents she damaged at a party. The woman running the game meets Sally in the kitchen of her house and explains: the money will be lent today if Sally will take a strapping. After just a moment, Sally accepts.

Sally bends over the kitchen counter. The set is very tight and small here; it would have been fun if they went into a studio scene, to suggest that this happens often as the ads are answered. And maybe flip on a video camera. First, handspanking on her denim skirt. Skirt flipped up, Sally wears loud patterned panties. The woman likes what she sees. “Ooh, a nice red bottom already.”

Sally pulls her own knickers down and they move to the strap. We can imagine the shadow investors who might join in a scheme like this.

‘Kami Robertson’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Kami has a more serious problem. She needs 1000 pounds. She awaits a house call from the Strapped For Cash’ firm. A woman arrives and quickly agrees to lend Kami the money. The principal must be returned in a year. The Interest on the principal, here, now, before payment.

Kami signs the agreement. It will be “bare bottom over my lap.” OTK on the couch. “We’ll start on your trousers.” After the warmup, Kami stands and drops her trousers and panties, affirming what we know, this is a great feminine bottom. Kami remains quiet—she is challenged in the English language. The woman spanks harder. “What if your husband found out.” No wonder Kami is so compliant.

Kami is encouraged to take more of a kneeling posture while OTK—the woman wants her bottom more elevated. Harder and faster. Apple red. Good for Kami. The woman gets the money for Kami. She flashes frontals without embarrassment. She rubs her bottom, paper bills clutched.

Watching Porn At Work – ENGLISHSPANKERS

22 Jun

F/f; time: 16 minutes
The most mature ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford we have seen yet. She is an employee of her boss ‘Sarah Stern’ and has been invited to her house. It seems someone, she, has been detected subscribing to and watching a ‘spanking porn’ site at the office.

Amelia’s denials then excuses are tepid. She liked the lingerie for the company, etc. Sarah shows her a paddle, like one Amelia could have bought on the site. Ms. Rutherford is always very good at this–she is beginning to realize what is going to happen to her.

“You’ve been watching spanking porn…it’s probably illegal now in England…I’m going to teach you a lesson.” “I’m sorry,” begs Amelia. “You’re going to be.” Sarah has her kneel on the couch. “With your bottom up the air.” Amelia wears a black top and red skirt. Her blond hair is in one long braid. The camera angles here make her look even taller than she usually appears, and she will seem to present even more bottom than usual.

The paddling begins on the red skirt–the usual protests from Amelia. Amelia is told to take her skirt off, something she must have done at the office while she was ‘piddling’ as she watched the spanking videos. Black lace panties and complicated garter belt. As Sarah spanks, they discuss how the films must be made–warmups, inexperienced models, etc.

“I’ll just pop these down.” Low closeups of this extraordinary bottom. The graphic says: “To be continued.”  See ‘Please Cane Me.’

To Cure Lazy Wife – REDSTRIPE

22 Jun

M/f; time:13 minutes
Leia Ann Woods and ‘Magnus,’ a ubiquitous CP actor we have called ‘Agean’ in many of his roles. Leia is lounging on the patio of a house REDSTRIPE has used in other films. Magnus arrives.

The kitchen is a mess. Leia has not done anything all day. After a lot of talk, Magnus grabs Leia OTK, red panties are down quickly. From her resume, you would expect Ms. Woods knows what to do and she does.

Over the kitchen table for the square leather paddle, which covers most of her bottom. She cries out “Ai-ya.” After a bit, she stands defiantly, as if to say “enough!” Excellent low shots.