School Party Flirting Retribution For Amelia – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jun

M/f; year: 2014; time: 19 minutes
Amelia Jane Rutherford and ‘Agean’ are a couple who like to play schoolgirl spanking party ritual. She is dressed in a schoolgirl kit, and he wears a cap and gown in the headmaster role. They have returned from a party where Amelia flirted with other “boys,” which included having her hands down a man’s pants. She thought that was perfectly OK, what ‘boys and girls’ do.

Back at home, Agean takes her OTK for this flirtation. “It’s too late for that, Mister!” Don’t know why that would be==isn’t this the logical pre-bed conclusion to such an evening? He likes her outfit. White panties center screen, they come down. silly dialogue.

Amelia keeps the action going by taking off her sweater, skirt, and blouse, and then after we can take it all in, her white panties. She is stark naked and the usual eyeful. She leaves the room naked and returns with the official ‘slipper.’ She lies over the arm of the couch for some slippering, then kneels on all fours on the couch for the school cane.

As usual, her spanking positions are erotic ritual posings. She runs off naked, but why doesn’t Agean follow?

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