Punishment of a Spoilt Brat – HIDEFSPANKING

5 Jun

M/f; year:2009; time:20 minutes
Agean and Amelia Jane Rutherford in another of their simple domestic romps. They are opening Christmas gifts, she in a nightie and he in his robe. In addition to her gold silk short nightie, she wears black panties, garter belt, and beige stockings.

They banter and argue and Agean takes her OTK, what was intended all along for both of them. She soars on his lap; he struggles to get her tight little panties down. He reaches down for one of his slippers. “Don’t you bloody dare!” she squawks.

After this spanking she sits on the couch, panties half-down, all leg. She stands for a leather paddle, then unwraps another ‘gift,’ a soft martinet. She pretends to be puzzled by what exactly it is.

Her next posture is to lie flat on the dining room table, which will permit overhead shots. Agean uses the martinet, moderate. After the opening session, he instructs her to pull her nightie over her head, take off her bra, and remove her panties the rest of the way. She cavorts, naked now, on the table. Great overhead shots. She kneels up, head down. bottom high, all the favorite shots.

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