Spanking Live on Stage – MOOD

5 Jun

F/4f; time: 1 hr 6 minutes
Characters sit around in costumes and masks, at a BDSM party. The film is in English. Twenty or so people have gathered to witness some punishments. There will be three girls tonight. We are reminded of a Tom Cruise movie, ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ where girls are whipped in front of elite guests. You can rely on the CP genre to get accomplished what Hollywood can only hint at.

A tall theatrical blonde acts as the mistress of ceremonies. Each of the girls will be given 50 lashes. But first, as part of the show, she will allow one of the mistresses to punish her. She takes off her lace teddy in front of the crowd. She has recently been spanked. To the applause of the audience, she receives sets of 10 strokes with various implements. We question the authenticity of the marks.

‘First Initiation, Star’ A brunette is pulled out of the crowd. She takes off her top and thong and bends over a platform. The tall blond m.c., naked, does the punishment. She teases, whips, and spanks.

‘Second Initiation, Luna’ An Asian brunette gets the same sort of workout in front of the audience.

‘Third Initiation, Jinx’ A mulatto girl pays the price.

guest, ‘Ekho,’ is brought out of the crowd for a ‘bonus initiation.’ The same procedures, only this girl is not so lucky. The paddle used on her is one of the heaviest you will see.

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