Rear Ended – CALSTAR

7 Jun

M/2f; year: 1980’s; time: 59 minutes
This film would be of little interest (to us) were it not for the presence of the actress ‘Sarah-Jane Hamilton,’ who made just a few spanking films and had something of a career elsewhere in adult films. Several wonderful films at CHEEKTOCHEEK, reviewed here. From the way the camera behaves, the crew shared our fascination.

‘Anthony Lawton,’ as ‘Mike,’ is upset with his pretty blond wife ‘Angela,’ whose friend ‘Victoria’ has smashed his car. Being a British guy, he has calculated that this may result in access to not one but two bottoms.

After a scolding, Mike will start on Angela. She kneels on the couch. He raises her skirt to expose full white panties. After a little spanking, he persuades her to call Victoria to come over. We see a guarded phone conversation on an old-fashioned shoe-sized mobile handset. Angela is more or less warning Victoria her husband wants a word.

More spanking for Angela while we wait for Victoria, including a favorite little drill, panties up-panties down. Victoria arrives and she doesn’t miss that Angela is down to panties and lingerie top.

Ms. Hamilton, runway model thin, has big hair, brown and curly, a pouty mouth, and piercing blue eyes. The camera will capture facials frequently from here forward. Three-on-the-couch, Mike discusses the predicament of his car and rebuffs Victoria’s offer to pay for it. “It will take until I am 75!” He’ll figure it out.

As the idea of spanking looms, Mike locks the front door. “I don’t want you running out.” A little forlorn, Victoria: “No way am I going to do this.”

Mike grabs her bent-over on the couch, skirt up, high cut black panties. Terrific sight, her insouciant demeanor contributing to the need to get on with the spanking. Mike bunches her panties and she asks that he not spank her thighs. She does the panties up-and-down routine also. Her face shines between her legs.

OTK on a rolling desk chair. Bottom bare again, a wink between her thighs. She gets up and tosses her panties away in contempt, flashing full frontal. Two bare bottoms on the couch, Angela takes off the rest of her clothes, and after a tussle, Victoria lets Eli pull off her tight jersey top. He toys at her bra and fondles. More facials–irresistible.

Left alone, the girls check each other’s bottoms and spread on ‘Osco Baby Lotion,’ a product label which gets a lot of screen time. Long slow creaming and fondling. Mike catches them and surely must feel neglected.

A long slow session with Victoria; Mike drops her bra, she is naked on his lap but for red heels which match her lipstick. Sexy talk and fondling. She stands–he twirls and displays her. Bend-overs, puss, her nudie time in the film. Mike pulls up a chair to study her bottom–she wants to know if he is going to take a picture.

Mike hollers for Angela to join them–two naked girls on the couch while he calls his insurance agent.

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