9 Jun

MF/f; time: 20 minutes
A group of films made in Spain with the same crew and a bevy of familiar actors, under the names of SPANKINGSARAH, REDSTRIPE, and ENGLISHSPANKERS. We’ll untangle this production and report back.

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ struggles with her uncle’s little dog, communicating that lovely elite persona she has, nasty dirty little dog! She is seen taking the dog outside. Apparently she drove him off in her car, abandoned him, was observed and reported.

‘Oh, Dear. The Best Laid Plans’ A police officer, none other than ‘Pandora Blake,’ shows up at her house. Her car was traced. Pandora doesn’t believe Amelia’s choppy excuses. Amelia is wearing those house pants we have seen before. We bought ours at COSTCO.

She doesn’t want her uncle to know about the maneuver with the dog, so she will take the punishment PC Blake offers. This is not the first time we have seen a police officer arrive at Amelia’s house to spank her. OTK, Blake is upset over this animal abuse.

Amelia stands and drops her pants, no panties. The spanking continues. Her uncle enters the room. What is going on? PC Blake explains the dog affair and that her car was sighted dumping the animal. He is bemused by her. “You’re not a PC. You’re from one of those party companies.”

Amelia admits dumping the dog, and uncle buys the PC’s version. He will continue the spanking; Amelia kneels on the floor in one of her glamour poses, covering her front by pulling down her top. Uncle will use the cane. Pandora will help. She bends over the couch arm and remembers she hasn’t been here “in six years.”

Uncle gives her a moderate caning, silly ‘ow’s’ but a spectacular undulating bottom. He gives Pandora a chance to add on a few strokes. She stands, a fuzzy frontal, and not the sharp beaver trim we have seen.

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